How to measure distance in Google Maps

Complexity is the main characteristic that distinguishes the services of Google. It just so happened the company that almost all of her designs combine several functions of a wide range. As a result, for most tasks it is possible to use only apps search giant and does not apply to third-party developments. Another thing is that not everyone knows about all the capabilities of the applications used daily.

Google Maps

The purpose of Google Maps is to guide users when moving in space. Thanks to them you can find the address, get directions, and even calculate the distance between two or more points. Tell how to do it.

How to calculate the distance

  • Open Google Maps and locate the point from which will be readout;

Measure distance in Google Maps

  • Click the right mouse button and select “Measure distance”;

The distance between the points

  • Select the point and then guide the arrow that appears where the countdown ends;

Measurement of distance between multiple points

  • If you want to add another point, click the right mouse button and select “Add point”.

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Similarly, the measurement function of distance running and the app for Android.

How to find distance using Google Maps

  • Open the Google Maps app on your Android smartphone;

How to measure distance in Google Maps on Android

  • Select the point which will be the countdown and hold the folder;
  • Click on the place name at the bottom of the screen and select “Measure distance”;

Measurement of distance between multiple points in Google Maps on Android

  • Add a new point and look to the bottom of the screen there will be displayed the distance between them.

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Despite the fact that there is nothing supernatural in this function, no Google Maps, turned out to be that many do not know about its existence. As a result, to find out the distance between cities or countries users are turning to search engine Google. Not that the information he gives out was untrue, just when you manually dimension you are free to choose a particular point from which you want to count and not rely on the distance proposed by Google, which is usually measured from station to station or from airport to airport.

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