How to measure heart rate using Android

Today the market is flooded with cheap fitness trackers, smart watches and other gadgets that offer numerous functions to lead a healthy lifestyle. Pedometer, counting calories and so on. But apart is the option to track heart rate because the heart is one of the most important organs of our body. How to measure heart rate and heart rate using a smartphone on Android? And do you need to buy a special bracelet? Let’s deal.

On the one hand, it is possible to do without additional devices. On the other hand, the accuracy in this case will leave much to be desired. To do this is to understand how technology works pulse on mobile devices.

As the heart rate sensors measure your pulse?

Heart rate sensors installed in smart devices and fitness trackers, which use light. If you Shine a flashlight on hand, you will see the light passing through the skin. Sensors heart rhythm also emit light that penetrates the skin and is reflected by blood vessels. The fluctuations of vessels captured by the sensor and this signal is converted into a heart rate monitor.

In most cases, the pulse rate equals the heart rate, but in some conditions, the indicators can be discrepancies, which may indicate health problems. So to rely on this technology is not worth it.

Measuring heart rate on Android

In Google Play Store there are many apps that will give you good enough results in heart rate measurement. For example, the program Accurate Heart Rate Monitor. It allows you to measure heart rate using camera and flash smartphone. The app supports Google Fit, and can keep statistics. The app works not so fast as fitness trackers, but is very accurate.

To measure your heart rate using the app, install it on your phone and open. The application will ask you to grant access to the camera, so she could turn on the flashlight and write. Once you give permission, once you put your finger on the camera sensor, the program will start its work.

On the other hand, specialized fitness trackers, though, and working on the same principle, on your wrist, much longer than you keep your finger on the camera of the smartphone. This means that the amount of data received is more complete. In addition, many of the trackers, and the watch comes with a alert feature if suddenly your heart rate drops or rises above a certain point. To achieve the same effect in the monitor with the camera of the smartphone is not so simple. So if accuracy is important to you — your choice of a niche device. Otherwise you can do with a regular camera with a flash.

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