How to measure the speed of internet connection your

كيفية قياس سرعة إتصال الإنترنت الخاص بك

Follow the anniversary of all the companies internet provider in offering higher speeds to their customers remains the main criterion in this race is the magic formula between the speed of the internet connection provided from the service provider and between the amount of money required to pay his monthly or every 3 months or even a year as a you have some offers from service providers in our Arab countries.

But the question remains most of what is provided by your service provider or internet company also likes to hear other are what tell me the customer service about the speed of connection is really what I get? How do I know that?

There are many ways to measure the speed of the internet but must be negotiated among many of the titles in the beginning there is difference between download speed “Download speed ” is any speed the transmission of data from the web to your personal computer related services, whether a mobile phone or a personal computer there are speed upload data the “Upload Speed” is the speed of data transfer from your device to the web there is the concept of the last called Ping which is a unit of measurement for the speed of sending one packet from your device to a website or server given.

Choose the units of measurement for each of the previous concepts and measurement by more than a unit of measurement, but all of them aim to connect the same thought, namely, the actual speed of the connection , for faster downloads and to Download and Upload it is generally accepted that it reports as ” megabytes/ second” and Mbps which is different from other measuring unit called “Mbytes / second” and MB/s and this caused the big difference between the speed declared by the company with the service and between the download speed that appears in front of you in case download of a file from the internet and programs download famous.

For example, it is possible to be shared on the speed of the internet service provider at speeds up to 2 Mbps should focus on the phrase “up to” advertised with this means that the speed is variable up to this speed under many circumstances including external factors such as weather conditions including factors in the infrastructure such as the quality of cables and distance distinguishing between service provider Servers and the installation of your router and also the quality of connections when in addition to connecting your device by wire to the router or pneumatically via Wi-Fi, all of these factors lead to a loss in speed of Service, Another factor is the quality of the server that is loading it.

Let’s go back again to the speed of file download from the internet while you’re on Speed 2 Mbps Mbps, but you find the speed of file download variable and ranges from 220 – 250 kb KB/s, but we should note the difference the unit of measurement speed subscription Mbps download speed files MB, and the interaction between the unit of measurement you must know that byte = 8-Bit any to speed 2 Mbps any of 2048 kilo bits and dividing by 8 becomes 2/8= 0.25 MB.

Alpen is equal to 1024 KB, then the download you’ll find that the speed contracted is 256 KB and the difference between the analysis that you see in the software download as we have said 220 to 250 kb per second is the loss in speed for the reasons mentioned above.

In this way we have analyzed the internet speed contracted from MB to KB or MB this is a way to measure the speed of the internet we’re talking about today, for example, found that the speed of file download from servers powerful internet up to 900 KB per second, this means that the internet hyphen forth from the East and 900*8= 7200 KB and divide by 1024 to convert to MB to become an internet speed of 7 Mbps, and you’re contracting like a speed up to 8 Mbps.

There are websites and apps to measure the speed of the internet directly to the unit of measurement recognized directly Mbps and we will review two of them now, and they think months:

speedtest.netكيفية قياس سرعة إتصال الإنترنت الخاص بك

When you reach the site you will see that this previous screen appear in front of you provide by clicking on the button to Go to the site and all the work of measuring the speed of the connection and show the result which contains three numbers supposed to find the speed of the Download is close or equal to the travel of the contracted speed of the Upload of contributions to the regular estimated 20% of the download speed the smaller the number the command Ping and B the ms the better, especially for games viral online.

كيفية قياس سرعة إتصال الإنترنت الخاص بك

كيفية قياس سرعة إتصال الإنترنت الخاص بك

This site is semi-used to rely on the same idea of action but he continued to the giant Google , and all you need is to click on the Blue Arrow located to the right to measure the speed and get the three numbers ex.

كيفية قياس سرعة إتصال الإنترنت الخاص بك

May vary measurements from service to service and by the way depending on the time of the test in addition to the quality of servers used in each service, so prefer to experience the three ways and the arithmetic mean in the case of the convergence speed measured with the speed contracted, this is considered a good thing but in case there is a big difference you should check with your service provider immediately to resolve the problem.

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