How to mine cryptocurrency on a Macbook? HoneyMiner now on macOS

The developers of the application HoneyMiner for mining decided to diversify. Now to dig crypto currencies can and on devices with the operating system macOS. For the first time the program was launched in July 2018.

The application uses the processor or video card for mining various cryptocurrencies. The Central server sends the connected devices for different purposes, including Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, zcash for, Monero and other cryptocurrencies.

In our network of more than 1400 different types of graphics processors. In turn, we are responsible for the proper distribution of computational power for the most optimal variant for their application.

According to co-founder and CEO Noah Jessop, the application involves only a 2.5 percent power on devices with multiple graphics cards and up to 8 percent if the user has only one GPU processor.

Source: HoneyMiner

Application for macOS works exactly the same as the Windows version. Immediately when the application starts you will be charged 1000 free Satoshi. The overall estimate, per day in 2016 MacBook Pro with an Intel Core i5 2.9 GHz you can get up to 113 Satoshi, that is the equivalent of 0.012 dollar. Owners of more powerful laptops and computers, of course, will earn a lot more.

Along with and open source solutions type MultiMiner, HoneyMiner seeks to make mining available to every user in the world. Due to the growing number of users of the macOS developers decided to diversify this segment.

We first released a version for Windows because, as a rule, such computers are often used a powerful graphics card. Now users of any MacBook or iMac will be able to produce the cryptocurrency.

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