How to mine Ethereum? Profitability and details of the extraction ETH

Ethereum — king of the altcoins. Also the word hidden platform for decentralized applications on the blockchain, the brainchild of Vitalik Buterin and cryptocurrency that has acquired the second place of the world ranking. Today will tell about the peculiarities of mining Ethereum, profitability ETH and project plans.

What is Ethereum

The developers of the Ethereum blockchain as a platform for applications. This is confirmed by the inscription on the website of the project and a lot of world famous games. The most popular of them Cryptokitties that users have spent millions of dollars.

Hodler consider the Air primarily as a cryptocurrency. Today it is the second updated CoinMarketCap , with a market capitalization of $ 60 billion.

Course — 604 dollar as of may 25. The turnover is more than 99 million coins traded in one day for $ 2.4 billion.

Where to buy Ethereum

Popular Ethereum Bitcoin only, so to purchase the first available almost everywhere. The main thing — do not buy coins with it, as in his time did a resident of Obninsk.

The Ethereum sell at least 400 platforms. Five exchanges-Bitfinex leaders present, Binance, GDAX, Huobi and OKEx. In the last day, they provided the operation with a coin of at least $ 790 million. Impressive.

The prospects of Ethereum (ETH)

With Ethereum, there are real developers, headed by Vitaly Baleriny. The project actively promote. We are not talking about a high-profile statements for the pampas, but about real actions that benefit users.

Soon and part of the biggest upgrade — Casper. In the future, the coin will move to a hybrid version of algorithms PoW and PoS, which will bring together miners and stakanov. All the details of the update and possible disadvantages of the decision read in this article.

Wallet for Ethereum

To store small amounts of coins by tradition is possible on the exchanges. For confidence and invincibility before the hacking of the exchange set up a local wallet. Ethereum Wallet for different platforms downloaded from GitHub. After you create a wallet, go for mining.

Mining Ethereum (ETH)

Mining Ethereum refers to the algorithm Ethash/Dagger-Hashimoto. To dig a coin will enable AMD and Nvidia video cards 3 GB and more.

Another option — ASIC miner from Bitmain, who announced in early April and promise to deliver in June. To contact him dangerous. The model could die before birth.

What is mining of Ethereum in real life

The Ethereum — the most popular altcon that mines not less than 10 million cards. Alas, buying a farm of 8 GPUs is unlikely to become a millionaire. But to get a steady income, Maini with other miners on the pool, it will work. To go to SOLO mining without a large number of graphics cards we recommend.

As Ethereum mine solo or pool? Calculator of mining Ethereum

The idea of the last paragraph confirms the calculator for ruby. Let’s say we have one farm of 250 Mh/s (farm of 8 cards RX580 or GTX 1070). In theory, it will give you the opportunity to find one block every 152 days. The developer of the calculator recommends to get into solo mining only when the calculator displays no more than 10 hours to find a block.

It is at least 335 farms for 250 mh/s. If you do not have this amount of equipment, feel free to go to the pool.

The profitability of mining Ethereum (ETH)

Profit from mining traditionally believe WhatToMine. Let’s suppose we have 20 farms and 250 mh/s. On average, they would bring about $ 230 per day.

One farm with a capacity of 250 mh/s will provide its owner with 10 dollars every day. A good passive income.

The complexity of mining Ethereum

The complexity of the Ethereum network is 3.36 Ph. The measure balances the number of miners online, over time, the extraction unit. Thus, the changes of complexity allow to draw conclusions about the popularity of the coin among the owners of farms. As soon as miners will be less, the difficulty will fall.

Production start. The best Ethereum-miner

Today for decided block give three coins, Ethereum, which is equivalent to 1800 dollars. Also plyusuem on top of the transaction fees in the block.

To get the same amount in the solo mode is very difficult, so we recommend digging a coin on the mining pool 2Miners. To start downloading the latest version Claymore’Ethereum’s Dual GPU Miner on the link. The password for the archive — 2miners.

Before changing the wallet address to your /ETHASH/eth-pool.bat. After this, run .a. bat file. The screen will display numbers, among which we can at least consider Hasrat each card. Mining began in the successful development of the new coin will appear in your wallet every two hours.

Conclusions. A series of questions and answers

Can the mining of Ethereum to be a profitable business idea? Yes. In theory, buying a 335 mining-farms for finding a block every ten hours every day to bring about 3600 dollars. In practice it may be more or less. The amount of solid — her return does not seem so long. How easy is it mine Ethereum and is there still to do? Live dig all and Sundry. Hasrat network of huge complexity too. But you can look at it not only from the point of view of a high threshold of entrance. These characteristics prove the popularity of the coin and people's faith in its prospects. Why not spend time on such a project? While the Outlook for mining continues to assess with a cool head. If the power is not enough, not go solo. How to mine Ethereum with your phone and laptop? If the laptop is gaming, it can bring about a half to two dollars a day. The principle of production coincides with mining-farms. About digging coins on the phone is better to forget and leave the case to the Chinese. Can I use the same equipment for mining Ethereum and Bitcoin? No, Bitcoin digging today only ASIC miners. To solve the block on the graphics cards will not work at all desire. The Ethereum Vice versa. Can mining-farm for Ethereum to cope well with other coins? Definitely. Will fit other cryptocurrencies on the algorithm Ethash. It is possible to extract and Equihash, but the performance will be lower. I mine Ethereum Ethereum or Classic? Mine Ethereum classic is much easier — read all about it here. The profitability of this activity less. A solved block is given 4 coins ETH, which is equivalent to 60 dollars. In the extraction of the bullet, there is no difference. Where to buy equipment for mining Ethereum? You can collect yourself at our example or to buy a ready-made option. The latter will be faster, but more expensive. If you want, don't deprive yourself of pleasure to collect adult "Lego". Why the complexity of mining Ethereum is increasing when the rate of coin drops by 50 percent? A matter of trust community. Farm owners are confident in the future growth rate and therefore switch their power on the Ethereum. Doing this with a goal to raise more coins for beginners that refuse from mining in the form of depreciation. The result is the opposite.

Don’t forget to read other articles for mining cryptocurrency. The site has a guide to mining Musicoin, Calisto, HUSH and Ethereum Classic.

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