How to monitor performance and efficiency of the battery of the phone and the charging cable

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The app relies AccuBattery of this important class of applications expected to be made available on every phone it offers information and subtleties of the more important on the Management Card of the phone over the shipping as a whole and guides you to apps that can save battery power, or those assets during the financial period.

How to monitor performance and efficiency of the phone battery and charging cable

It also offers you a lot of information about the process of charging when you connect the cable to the phone in terms of the time you need the battery down to the level of fullness and the shipper’s actual measured in milliseconds my amp.
Here comes the stud was the one who made us talk about this app in particular for a diagnostic event with us can be summarized by saying.

Have phone Galaxy S 7 edge since the period is no longer in that capacity as is customary with cables and your cable in the phone while I began to fish with my feelings and the relationship, which forced me to buy cable “assumes it’s original high price for the rest of the planets available in shops”.

The result with this new cable I noticed slowness in the process of shipping over time that his custody with your previous phone, and when my application AccuBattery as obvious as the ability of the writer to connect the electricity to the phone when I didn’t exceed 400 mAh and needs her phone to 4 hours until they are able to charge the battery.

We have to return and experience the old writer “a writer only” with this app where he showed the charging power exceeded the limits of 1200 mAh and with only 50 minutes till the battery is on the other !!

We want to do here , the app offers you a lot of information on the process of the charging management of the battery in addition to a lot of details and contradictions in this regard.

The app is excellent in everything it presents the situation in the partner mobile top during shipping or after.
In contrast recommend that you need to use the cable compatible with mobile and from a reliable source.

App AccuBattery is free and available on the Google Play Store at the following link:

AccuBattery (Free+, Google Play) →

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