How to mute voice chat WhatsApp user Instagram

Enabled us to chat applications to retain in contact with friends and family on the clock, but some people and groups chat may turn into an element of inconvenience, therefore, allows applications the option to mute the chat in the settings, which may hide the other, so let us guide you to in both WhatsApp andMessenger andInstagram.


– Open the app and go to the chat you wish to mute her voice.

On Android: click on the three dots top right and select “mute notifications”.

On the iPhone: click on the name of the person or group, and select “Mute”.

– You can choose the duration of the mute notifications between 8 hours a week and even entire year.

Messenger – open the app and go to chat and then click on the name of the person or group.

– In the next window, you’ll find a row of icons on the right icon of the bell and under it the word “mute”.

– You can mute chat of 15 minutes and an hour and 8 hours and even a whole day or even abolish the option to book yourself or even the date of the next product.


– Open the app and go to chat and then click on the information icon (i) right corner.

– In the next window you will find the option to mute the messages, but there is no option to re-do it after a certain period.

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