How to open a seller account at market.Com

It became known that retail sales over the internet are the future of the trade in modern, where he completed a large number of consumers for purchase via ecommerce stores general or specialized, there are many examples of e-stores that have achieved success and wide as the Amazon Worldwide and the market.Pile in a good number of Arab states.

However, these stores can not meet the needs of consumers in various parts of the world individually, so they are in urgent need for the cooperation of trade by adding their own cargo and sell it electronically, and the work programmes currently applied in some electronic stores famous, and bring it trade profits are high, whether through their own products, or projects of the “routes as a guest” allows you to buy products from China, for example, the width of its shops, e-local.

How to start a home and open a seller account at market.Com?

The process is simple, and fun to create a seller account in the App Store just as the process of creating an account with social media sites is different, there are steps to enter the personal data and address, and the goods that you will sell.

– Moved to this page, to create a seller account at market.Com.

كيفية فتح حساب بائع بمتجر سوق.كوم
– Click on Create a seller account in yellow.
– Click on the button Create Account.
– Enter personal data such as name and e-mail and password.

كيفية فتح حساب بائع بمتجر سوق.كوم
– Enter contact information as a phone number.
– Enter the necessary information to activate the account, such as the type of account as a trader, individual or company in addition to raising personal identification.

كيفية فتح حساب بائع بمتجر سوق.كوم
– Select your personal address to ship the product to the market risk.Stack and determine the name of the store.
– Quit the actions required.

After the account is created and activated, you can move to the control panel of the seller, so that allows you to add new products and modify the products available currently, in addition to managing requests received or cancelled and deal with the returns and investigate complaints, and also financial account management including revenue and request a withdrawal of your balance or even paying them.

كيفية فتح حساب بائع بمتجر سوق.كوم

The control panel also allows the Performance Monitor, a feature that will allow you access to your center in the market as a vendor special or otherwise, add to tracking requests and the level of progress in sales.

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