How to open Computer macOS by Apple watch

This topic How to open the computer, macOS by Apple watch appeared on the world of Apple.

With each passing year, the availability of Apple TV add more features to the system that will help its various organs to work better with each other. With the property of continuity, Continuity it has become possible for users to accomplish a number of tasks by Apple devices as a whole, so that it is possible to create a document using the computer, iPad, tablet, and completion of the work on them immediately across computers macOS through the icon appear in your Dock the bottom of the desktop. As to the users of the Apple watch they can also join to enjoy the benefits of this property.

Through a few easy steps, you can set your watch to unlock your computer that is running macOS Sierra automatically without having to enter a password. Here’s the steps about how to prepare the water.

Enable system authentication with employees

فتح حاسب macOS بواسطة ساعة آبل

Before you begin setting up the device, you will need to enable system authentication with working on your Apple ID account. It is a great way to protect your devices and data stored in the cloud, as it ensures you that you’re the only one who can access your Apple ID account, even if I got someone else on your password.

When you log in to your Apple TV new for the first time, will give you two parts of information – the password of your account with a verification code of six numbers which is offered on other TRUSTED DEVICES.

You can turn this feature on your iOS device by going to the settings app, then tap on your name at the top, and go to Password & Security, and authentication feature of the employed Two-Factor Authentication from there. And follow the steps that appear on the screen to finish the process.

The entire process lasts a few minutes, but it is definitely worth it.


Go to the computer mavcOS

فتح حاسب macOS بواسطة ساعة آبل

Now it’s time to go to the computer macOS. First, it needs your computer to run both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. He must also be registered with the same iCloud account on the situation and also the Apple watch. Need previous also to enable a passcode.

In the operating system macOS, go to System Preferences, select Security & Privacy, and in the tab general, make sure you select the option to “Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac”. Users can enable more than one hour to open the computer, macOS their.


Now zoom in on the Apple watch from your computer

فتح حاسب macOS بواسطة ساعة آبل

Now zoom in on the Apple watch along with computer, macOS, and will open your computer automatically without having to enter the password.

If there is a problem, it after 10 seconds, you will be shown a dialog box to enter the password again.

This topic How to open the computer, macOS by Apple watch appeared on the world of Apple.

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