How to open the YouTube video window floating wherever you are on the computer

Came version update 70 for the browser Google Chrome with picture in picture that lets you play YouTube videos window floating during development basis other inside the browser or even other windows on the computer.

Running water on Windows, Mac and Linux, where the Activate buys video window mini floating can be controlled in their dimensions and replicated in or zoom out, and show window always on top the window of another program, as long as the window of the other program did not take full-screen mode, and can in each case move the video window to the top, select it from the open window; for example: clicking on Alt+tab with Windows.

Activation mode picture-in-picture for YouTube

To use the feature of picture in picture, make sure Chrome browser updated to go to the program settings > help > about. And all you need after that is activating the option from the list of the Chrome on YouTube.

Right-clicking on the video shows list of YouTube, but clicking a second time then shows a list of Chrome and the option of picture-in-Picture (Picture in Picture).

List YouTube
The list of the Chrome








You’ll find that you can control the dimensions of the video window floating for on its borders and to the outside or the inside, and you can also pause the video and resume for in the middle, it can be closed from the sign of X, but the video delay requires refer to the video on YouTube without the need to exit the image mode in the image.

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