How to open your phone when you forget the password?

With the multitude of tasks multiple daily often we learn to forget the password to open the phone, it can also cause messes the kids on the phone and try to write the password to turn off the conquest and request a new password, and if you happened to know the loss or forgetting the password or pattern of the Ad Hoc Open your phone don’t panic, you can set a new password and re-open the phone.

In this article we’ll show you some of the ways in which it is possible to resort to it to enter into your phone when you forget the pattern or password, and the following methods in order of best to access to the latter when the futility of the other methods.

Better way: use the Android Device Manager

The best way you can resort to is head to your computer and open the Android Device Manager on your browser, and then log in to your Google account, which should be the same account registered on your phone, you’ll find a list of the hobby you choose the phone you not be able to access and then select Lock, and then set a password or a new style, which will style or the old password, so you can login to your phone so easy.

The other solution: use a Google Account

If your phone is running Android 4.4 or earlier these phones allow you to simply and directly login using your Google account, all you need is to choose the login account and the mobilization of the boxes the required data, you will be able to unlock the phone again after trying the wrong entry by using a password or pattern.

The Commission to use Smart Lock

Also don’t forget to set your phone on the conquest by the Smart Lock if you have set the property before the property for the beginning of the Android platform in Manhattan to cancel the lock in certain cases whether developed characters or places or when the contact terminals, certain, water can also help you if you forget your password or pattern constantly.

Final solution: reset the phone

You can reset your phone to put a new password, you can set it via Android Device Manager, or reset via hardware through the refer method specified for your phone, this is the last solution because in this case you will be able to use your phone but will wipe all your data and applications.

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