How to operate slide dual pipes 2018 is?

Announced Apple TV few minutes ago that the iPhones 2018 that supports two tranches connection, however, it seems that most users won’t be ashamed of the second tranche, where the coming iPhones. the new really port one for physical contact.

The second tranche it is e-known as eSIM, which is to be integrated to your motherboard, and can be used only if the communication service provider supports this standard, unfortunately, the list of companies that support it is currently very short: 14 network in 10 countries, along with service providers global GigSky and Truphone.

In order to use the company’s e-tourism company contact activate cellular network by a barcode, so you can share with more than one company at the same time and changing the network used programmatically without the need to deal with the connection strips of the material. Although the technique was not supported I have a lot of companies contact currently, it is likely to expand its support to be the preferred method in the future because they provide the ease of use.

If I bought one of the iPhones 2018 the Chinese market will come to the Port to buy two connection, one upstairs and one downstairs as the picture show.

Allow the Apple TV to the same solutions to the Dual SIM in the market, where you can hear any of the tranches are moved between their use in the normal way and set one as a default, Add to that all the call you were waiting for iPhone will automatically use the slide that I used last time to connect to this number, this was the first call you were to choose iPhone the default number but you can change it manually before you make the call.

Source: Apple TV 1&2

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