How to order food at home during the quarantine

Now people around the world forced to stay at home because of the pandemic coronavirus. Some do it voluntarily, and someone subject to the decisions of local authorities. All this leads to the fact that droga has fewer cars, in stores, less people, and in Russia less food. If you don’t want to go to the store, you can use the shipping. Good, now it’s no problem. Today I want to talk about a few examples of places where you can order food and nowhere to get out of the house. In the end, you not only protect yourself, but will also contribute to the decrease in the number of cases in the country.

To order goods delivery is now easier than buying them in the store.

The contents

The grocery delivery service

Ordering products home is becoming more popular even without universal isolation. Much easier to poke the mouse and sit to wait for the courier than to go to the store. It is really convenient. So I want to share with you the services delivery of products that we, the editors themselves use. At the same time, the food we ordered not only in office but also home.

How to order home food from McDonald’s

For this there are two most popular to date service — little yellow and little green. Yandex and Food Delivery Club has long divided the market and delivery restaurants themselves left in it is not so much space. For example, from the same Burger king directly order more difficult than using Yandex or Food Delivery Club.

Download app Yandex Food
Download app Delivery Club

The second very often there are promotions and you can receive a gift of a potato or even a great Burger. But prices are sometimes different from the main menu, if you buy in the restaurant. This is particularly common in inexpensive lots. For example, something may be in place for 40 rubles, and the delivery is already 80. In addition, of course, have to pay shipping. Now she almost never free. Its price can only be reduced when a large value of the order. But not as big as the cost of top-end Samsung, which are worse than a cheap LG.

Those yellow and green men.

When ordering, it is worth considering that at lunch and dinner hours, the delivery time can greatly increase. Otherwise, both of these aggregator work great with all the restaurants that are their partners. But, if the person is not in branded clothes, don’t worry. I have so few times was when the badgers came in ”civilian”. Rather, it is the courier of the restaurant, which is simply connected to the delivery system.

If you are bored just sitting in the quarantine, check out our tips.

Ordering products in Moscow

A separate topic for us is the delivery of Yandex Store. Unfortunately, it is not everywhere, but when it serves your district, it is very convenient. For example, at home I don’t have it, and next to the office there. Ordering of goods carried out in the appropriate section of the application Yandex Food or Yandex Taxi.

Delivery zones Yandex Store.

Plus the Yandex Shop is that shipping it free, and the products delivered within 15 minutes. Something that reminds a small supermarket with the Essentials. There you can buy products from almost all the main categories. And serves a major network of institutions. For example, Bread, Brothers karavaevi and others.

In the Appendix there is even a section ”at checkout”, where you can buy every little thing, which in conventional supermarkets just lying on the counter. Shipping, as I said, free, but in rush hour can be set a minimum order amount. The price of products does not exceed that found in stores.

On the burgers you can eat sides. To combat them, here are 5 applications to maintain its shape without leaving the house.

Products with free shipping

If you do not want to order fast food or to put up with a small selection of the Yandex Shop for you, there are other shops. Probably about the Platypus heard it all, but there are less popular brands. For example, the Intersection or Delikateska.

Platypus is good because has long been presented in the market and can afford to do a good action. In addition, besides Moscow and the Moscow region, it is presented in such cities, as Tver, Kaluga and Tula. In Moscow delivery is free from 3 000 rubles. In the nearest Moscow suburbs from 4 000 rubles, and if you live on the removal of 40-50 kilometers, free shipping will only be 5 000 rubles. When ordering for a smaller amount the most expensive shipping in the farthest corner of the Moscow region will amount to 700 roubles. Payment is possible in cash or card upon receipt. From not like the product you can refuse at the time of receipt.

Area shipping the Platypus. Different colors highlighted the time constraints for delivery.

Download the app Platypus

Approximately the same conditions of delivery offers the Intersection. However, the minimum order is 3 000 rubles (little order you just don’t accept it, but in other cities the conditions are softer). But you will receive free delivery on Moscow and nearest Moscow suburbs. They also have prepared food packages for a week at a price approximately 3, 000. To pay, as in the Platypus can be cash or card. Subjectively, the choice of the products that I usually buy, the price of the basket will be about the same. Largely this is due to the large number of shares that Intersection, too.

The cost of delivery of goods from the Intersection (in Moscow).

Download app My Crossroads

Our author Alexander Bogdanov loves online store Delikateska. Orders there it makes for a long time. To the question why, he replies that he used to. Product set there is about the same as in the first two stores, but the prices seemed a little lower, though insignificantly. Area shipping will be less than at the Crossroads or Platypus, but Moscow and about 30-40 km from MKAD covered. The cost of delivery for nearly all areas is free for orders of 3000 rubles.

Area delivery Delikatesy much more modest than at the Intersection or a Platypus.

Download the app Delikateska

For lovers of shop Azbuka Vkusa organized self-delivery from the network. You can order most of the goods presented on store shelves. Shipping itself takes less than 90 minutes, but only within the ring road or the city limits of St. Petersburg. If you order 900 rubles, the shipping will be free.

ABC has the taste of the delivery zone is quite small, but the conditions are good.

Download app Azbuka Vkusa

Where to order products

Many think that shopping in a regular store is cheaper than shipping to home. Before it was really so. Now sellers have learned to optimize the delivery process so as to spend less. Increased demand, and if the volume gets higher, and the cost for each delivery below. Well, there came a competition, which itself makes sellers look for ways to make delivery more cheap.

The contents of the trading floor requires constant expenses. If we abandon them, it is possible to reduce the cost of delivery. And thus sellers increase their turnover. The buyer will not order one bottle of water. He will order at once for a minimal amount.

And yet, sitting at home you can follow interesting news from the world of Android. In particular, in our Telegram channel.

In the sales area that he has bought for such a sum, it is necessary to come 5-7 timesand it will come to only one car. She will take the goods is 10 buyers. In the end, the delivery is even more profitable than the endless roundabout in the courts. Maybe soon the products will be sold only this way, but it won’t be in the near future. After all, offline shopping has its advantages. At least, they don’t need to wait until you bring a bottle of water.

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