How to pick a photo into without exposing yourself

Is in Instagram to alert users when someone is taking a picture of the screen (ScreenShot) jacket buyer their own, but there are some effective ways to avoid this we use you here.

Without an Internet connection

  1. Open Instagram and wait until an image is uploaded story you want to capture.
  2. Activate flight mode which will cut off your Internet connection.
  3. Capture a screen image for jackets buyer that would like to keep it.
  4. Wait a bit and then close the Instagram just before the cancellation of the flight pattern.

Website Instagram

Instagram Safari Website

Working site Instagram is excellent, although it does not support messages available to the application yet, but you can capture a screen image to any image you want through the site without concern of knowing the owner of the photo, and you can reach the site of Instagram from here in case you’d like to experience it.

Add Chrome the IG Story for Chrome

Chrome IG Story Chrome Extension

Allow add Chrome the IG Story pictures of story focus in Complete secrecy without knowing the owners of the store do, as it allows the Addendum Upload a photo see the device directly by pressing the right arrow images, and can install the extension for Chrome from here.

Application Story Saver for Android

Immediately after login, the application will present the Story Saver to show a list of all the images see the device, and when you press on any of the images, you’ll find options to upload photos, re-posted to your account, or share, can download the app from here.

Application Repost on iOS

As is the case with the application of Story Saver clock for android, the application provides Repost also options to save, re-publish and share photos users Instagram, so for all iOS devices, where they can download the app from here.

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