How to play “Clover” affects the efficiency of labor

For many mobile quiz “Clover” needs no introduction. The game is very popular and each round collects hundreds of thousands of players. Every day these people are going to answer 12 questions in the hope of receiving a cash prize for correct answers. Sometimes the game finds people in the workplace. Whether to worry about employers that their employees are distracted by games during the working day? There are many studies that say that experience is not necessary.

For those of you not familiar with the “Clover” about the game should know that it is a mobile app that twice on weekdays and once on Saturdays and Sundays sends a notification with an invitation to join the game. The game goes live, therefore, she finds the residents of different time zones at different times, including working time. Players listen to the questions asked by the presenter, and choose one of three options. If you correctly answer all 12 questions to win a cash prize.

Such games are popular not only in Russia. In the West there is a Trivia game HQ, which is practically no different from the “Clover”. This means that a huge number of people in the workplace, distracted from daily work in order to spend about 15 minutes of the game. Most interesting, studies show that this has a positive effect on the workflow.

Use entertainment to control stress during labor is a long tradition. In the United Kingdom, the owners of the factories studied the effect of music on the workflow. Workers welcomed the innovation, seeing it as an attempt to get rid of the monotony of their work. In today’s world for entertainment meet our smartphones. It is impossible not to recognize that people are at their jobs and so distracted by the Internet, messaging, social networking and even games in phones.

By the way, performance entertainment have no adverse effect as to the salaries of most workers is still more interesting than playing games. On the contrary, a break for entertainment helps to unload, relieve stress and continue to work with greater efficiency. In this case the game “Clover” and similar games fit better than others.

The fact is that workers are trying to sync their breaks with others. Fellowship brightens everyday work and unites the team. The questions in the game “Clover” too complex for one person is constantly able to answer them. Another thing, when he was going with his colleagues to work together discussing the possible answers. Many people do so. In addition, they are going at the same time, spending on entertainment a limited amount of time. Other party games can take and can choose the time for the game.

From this point of view we can assume that the creators of the game made employees of different companies-organized, time-limited and splochayuschaya team a break. People will still spend part of their working day on entertainment, and it’s better they spend it on entertainment like “Clover”.

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