How to prepare iPhone and iPad operating system iOS 12

Scheduled to be thrown iOS version 12 users starting from today (Monday 17 September), as announced by Apple during its conference last. Here we’ll give you some points that will help you in setting up your device to receive the new update.

After providing the system as a trial version especially for developers since June, will be iOS version 12 for all users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch within a few hours. In the time that riding out the update on performance and reliability, there are still many new features that offer everything from improve productivity through the notification aggregated to the advantages that focus on shopping in messages like Memoji. Let’s look at the best way to prepare for the operating system iOS 12.


The great thing in the iOS system 12 is its compatibility with all devices running iOS 11, and includes everything from the iPhone 5s so what the latest, iPad mini 2 / iPad Air What is newer, and iPod touch previous generation.

إعداد iPhone وiPad لنظام التشغيل iOS 12

We organization

Before a backup of your device, this is a great time to clean your iPhone or iPad, especially content such as photos, videos and messages that can consume the storage space is great.

Surprisingly, the speed at which you can accumulate data during the year. To get experience more organized and smoothly on the operating system iOS 12, you can allocate some time before the update to delete content is necessary to coordinate things in the way that you prefer.


Make a copy backup New

No matter if you want to prepare your iPhone or iPad as a device for the new operating system iOS 12 or bring all your existing data from a system running iOS 11, it is better to create backup copies of new.

إعداد iPhone وiPad لنظام التشغيل iOS 12

If you use (or want to use) iCloud to back up the wireless for your iOS device, you can check the last backup or the completion of a new one by contacting to the Settings → click on your name → the iCloud → the iCloud Backup.

If you want to keep a backup of your macOS or the personal computer PC, connect your iPhone or iPad, click the icon for the iPhone / iPad in the iTunes window, near the top left corner. You may need to allow your device to trust your computer, then click “Back Up Now“.

Keep in mind that you will need to enter a passcode device your iPhone / iPad, in addition to the password of the Apple ID to move to iOS 12. If you need to reset the password of the Apple ID, make sure to do this before starting the update process.

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