How to prevent add members to groups WhatsApp without provide the

If you are annoyed Messages WhatsApp that is not available, in these days, the application enables a new feature to increase privacy groups.

After the trial period lasted for months, finally started WhatsApp providing a new setting allows user to prevent adding it in groups without his consent. Whether you are on a Android or iOS, be sure to update the app and wait for it to activate water through the coming days.

كيفية منع إضافة الأعضاء لمجموعات واتساب دون موافتهم 1

كيفية منع إضافة الأعضاء لمجموعات واتساب دون موافتهم 1Privacy settings new groups on iOS

There are new feature within the privacy settings, and even up to her head to Settings > Account > Privacy > groups.. where you will find the following options:

Everyone: anyone can owns your phone number to add you to groups without your permission.

Contacts: contacts can add you to groups, but when you are added by this class, receive an invitation to join, you can approve or reject it.

Contact several ..: This allows the exclusion of some of your contacts from adding you to groups without showing you call lifting.

No one: it is the option that we recommend, where you are not add you to any group only answering the invitation to join the approval, and of course you have the option of refusal.

Privacy settings new groups on Android

Finally, it seems that WhatsApp will continue to water first for users of iOS and later for Android users. Gradually the states of the world after being available in India.

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