How to prevent being tagged in Instagram posts from anyone

How to prevent being tagged in Instagram posts. One of the most prominent sites that have great control throughout the day in the lives of many people is Instagram, as the number of users of this site has reached millions of people from different parts of the world. The most prominent feature of the site is the sharing of photos and videos, as there are some people who want to refer to someone in order to share that moment, at the same time there are people who do not like to be mentioned in those posts due to some private affairs.

What are the reasons for stopping mentions of you in Instagram posts?

Through this topic, we will provide you with the correct way to help you prevent being tagged in Instagram posts, whether this tag is from followers, or from other people. Instagram offers many advantages that help protect privacy, which has formed a distinctive beacon for many users from the inconveniences that they are exposed to as a result of using the application. There are some people who post photos that are inappropriate to be referred to in you, while this matter constitutes a great inconvenience to you as this matter will cause embarrassment in front of your followers or anyone who follows you.

In other cases, there are some people who refer to you a lot, which causes you madness and hysteria due to the large number of these signals, so there is hardly a picture or post that this person published without referring to you. For this, it is imperative to know the correct way to help you prevent being mentioned in Instagram posts by anyone on the site that you follow or not.

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How to prevent being tagged in Instagram posts by anyone

Instagram provides an option to prevent other users from tagging or tagging you in unnecessary photos. Let's see what these steps are in detail.

Application annotation steps

Certainly, as the first step we will take is to enter the Instagram application, as the explanation will be via the application only and not through the browser to facilitate dealing with it and for the largest segment of users. Through the main interface, we click on the three lines at the top to show the side menu, and then we click on the Settings option.

Enter the Instagram settings page

Now through the list of settings we will find many options, but as we previously indicated to you in the previous lines that this cancellation of the reference to you will be in the Privacy section Privacy, so we enter that list.


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Here, we will find a basic option for the signal, which is Tags or Tags, by entering this option it will be possible to control the signals in general. In turn, we enter this option.

Tag Tags

The Instagram application provides you with many settings for tagging you in posts by others, from these options No One is No One, so we select or place the bookmark next to this option and then go back. You can also make the reference to you be done by agreeing to that sign before allowing it.

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Now if anyone refers to you in the posts, a message will appear to him telling him that it is not possible to refer to that person who is you, and thus you will have saved yourself the inconvenience of those signs without the slightest problem or embarrassment.

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