How to prevent Siri from recording conversations iPhone

Apple , which has long claimed to experience more “privacy” on the iPhone, it replaced the barbs and after that the newspaper revealed the Guardian –in July last– that the voice conversations with the assistant Siri is recorded and listens to the staff of the Apple TV up to improve the service.

Stopped Apple’s practices, Siri, and promised to provide settings for you to Siri, the possibility of deleting the previous record. Which arrived in the iOS update 13.2.

Recommend a lot of technical disable recording Siri talks that rotate between you as a user and as an assistant, especially since the Guardian’s report disclosed that the assistant might say to record private conversations by mistake!

A way to cancel the registration of Siri talks

• Went to Settings on iPhone or iPad or iPod touch.

• Head to the privacy section.

• Drag down, and select conversions and improvements.

• If you don’t want to record the conversations between you and Siri to society, not Apple. Slide the ribbon to close the feature improved Siri commands.

A way to delete the history records of Siri

Here we mean the previous recordings that I have heard of Siri before the launch of the setup.

• Go to Settings, then Siri & the sea.

• Swipe to Siri & date command, and in the next window, click on the Delete button.

Thus will your Apple TV to the request to delete the records of Siri has been activated, it will delete the records.

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