How to prevent the acquisition of incoming calls on the full screen phones Samsung

Even if you turn your phone Galaxy to mini PC, don’t forget that it’s still a phone in the end, in the default mode, can take incoming calls on the full screen, but this is not a problem on phones Samsung modern.

The beginning of the S10 , andNote 10, the phones that got the interface One UI that up with the release of Android 9, the user can make calls in a small window.

We don’t need to explain the importance of this setting: in short, wouldn’t you think calls what you do, and you don’t have to answer them, whether you reply or rejection, you can resume what you were doing on your phone where you more easily.

How do you prevent incoming calls from the acquisition of full screen

• Open the phone application or Phone.

• Click on the menu the three dots top right then choose Settings.

• Select Show incoming calls while using your phone and then choose the pop-up window or Pop-up.

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• If you do not wish to take the call the entire screen when you post, make sure you activate the option “keep the call in popup window” below.

• If found the window to call the pop-up is also great, you can when you receive a call to change the size of the indicator arrow at the top left.

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