How to prevent the Firefox browser from leaking your data on the internet

Work Mozilla on the development of web browser’s (Firefox) Firefox constantly and support many of the features and privacy tools to protect your data while surfing the websites, where a lot of companies and services to track and record all your activities regular online such as: shopping, chat, travel, etc., and this makes access to complete privacy is not achievable practically.

Can Firefox browser that protects you from the risks of mining of crypto-currencies cryptominers; where uses your device to set the currency encrypted without your knowledge, as well as to prevent leakage of your digital footprint, which identifies you uniquely based on your device settings and apps.

Digital footprint is defined as a method used by websites and advertisers to identify you based on several factors, such as: browsers you use, and the operating system of your device, and plugins that you have installed, the time of use of the device, the settings of your wireless network.

Can form this information is small and unique set of characteristics about you and your device that advertisers can use to update your device to the web without your permission.

Here’s how to protect your privacy by using privacy and security settings in Firefox:

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Can give you the version of Firefox 68 protection of web sites that collect information about you without your consent, so you through the tools content blocking content-blocking tools new.

You can check the version of Firefox that you are working on by pressing the option About Firefox from the list of browser settings..

Note: because the Prohibition of the tracking software may also lead to give some websites, lets you Firefox choose from privacy settings to find a balance between protection and ease of use.

How to use content-blocking tools in Firefox browser:

  • Go to the list settings of your browser by clicking on the three lines located in the upper right.
  • Click on the Options (Preferences) preferences.
  • You’ll see a pop-up window, Press The Tab (Privacy and security) Privacy & Security.
  • You will see three options for setting up privacy is : the first option (Standard) Standard; and prohibit the tracking software in the windows private windows, and cookie tracking third party, and the second option (strict) Strict; to prohibit the tracking in all the windows, and cookies tracking your external, and the second option (Custom) Custom; this allows you to choose what you want blocked, including the mining of digital currencies, Insight Digital.

  • Select the second option (Custom) Custom, and then activate all the options as is clear in the following picture.

استخدام أدوات حظر المحتوى

  • After that will appear the button “reload all tabs”, click on it to apply the settings to the Prohibition of new tracking.

Order privacy, and security on the internet some of them good, so you need to protect both, it may take initially a lot of the time, but once you follow some precautionary measures online will be in it.

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