How to print from an Android smartphone or tablet

Most Android smartphones are now so powerful that usually you can safely replace a personal computer. Surfing web-sites on the Internet, watching videos, listening to music, communicating with interesting people and so on. But what if you suddenly need to work with text documents? No problem! Text editors in the vast Gооgle Play Store is full. And if you need to print a document? That’s the question many users enters into a stupor. But now we will help you to understand how to print from an Android smartphone or tablet.

Google Cloud Print

It would be strange if Google did not give its users the possibility to print documents. The main advantage of Google Cloud Print is that the app uses the most versatile data transfer Protocol, with the consequence that works with most printer models and apps on your smartphone. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can securely send documents to the printer, where ever you are, but the program requires initial setup.

First, make sure that your printer can accept data to print from the Internet or local network. While look at the device itself or the manual to it the plate is “Cloud Ready”. Its presence will speak about what configuration issues you definitely will not arise. But even if its not, then most machines usually work fine without it. Don’t worry if you do not have a printer that supports Wi-Fi. You can also use a normal USB printer, although for this you will need to connect it to the computer or laptop.

Most Android smartphones include the functionality of Google Cloud Print. To check whether your gadget support this feature, go to “Settings” — “Connected devices” and see if the printer is in the list of available devices. Service is often pre-installed, so go to settings, tap “Cloud Print” and switch it on. If you do not, it is not rasstavaytes. You can download Google Cloud Print from Google on this link.

  • Once you choose the option “Add a printer” in the menu “Settings” you will be redirected to a web page cloud print Google (or page for your Google account, if you are logged in). Here you will be able to connect your printer. It will be in the list of available devices.
  • Now open the file you want to print (anything, from documents to Google Drive images stored on your phone).
  • Select the Menu button (three dots in upper right corner) and click on “Print”.
  • Select the down arrow (next to “Save as PDF”)
  • Select the printer you want to print. If you can’t find it, select “all printers” to find the right one.
  • After everything is ready, click “Print” and enjoy the result.

Thing to remember is that if you can connect the printer via Wi-Fi directly, it is best to do so. It will be faster and more reliable. If this is not possible, then just connect to the same local network, which is a PC or laptop with a connected printer.

Download: Google Cloud Print

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