How to print on Chromebook

Chromebooks gaining popularity in the world. Unfortunately, in Russia they have not yet managed to win the hearts of retailers, but it’s a matter of time, because the users of interesting alternatives at a low price. If you already own a Chromebook, you probably are wondering how to print using documents. Google has produced a very easy solution which we will look at today.

Chromebook almost no on our. They are comfortable, simple and cheap compared to Windows counterparts. Russian consumers such decisions are sure to enjoy.

The company has a convenient service Cloud Print with the virtual printer. To start working with him, you need to connect your printer to your Google account. In addition, to print a document from any device connected to the Internet. The virtual printer works in Chrome, Google apps (Gmail, Drive, Documents, and so on).

To check if your printer supports virtual printing, you should go to this link, then you need to connect the printer to your Google account.

How to add a Cloud-Ready printer to Google Cloud Print

  • On the desktop Chromebook click on the time indicator and charge;
  • Open the settings;
  • Click on “Printers”;
  • Then “Add a printer”;
  • Select the printer connected to the Internet from the list.

The new printer should appear in your account.

How to print a document

  • Press the key combination “Ctrl + P” or click on the 3 dots in the top right corner and select “Print”
  • Select the printer and custom printing;
  • Click on the print button.

The process is quite simple, but it is worth noting that you need to have a fairly modern printer with Internet access. Also, you can always subscribe to us in the Telegram and leave a comment under this material.


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