How to properly clean AirPods and can do it for free?

Dust, dirt, earwax… the owners of the AirPods don’t need to remind you what it is, because headphones like specifically collect them myself, and do it quickly. Subsequently, objects begin to have a negative influence on the quality of the music being played (and AirPods it is not the best). Therefore, wireless earphone Apple need periodic care – though not everyone knows how properly to clean them, and give to an authorized service center, which asked 2 000 (!) rubles for the cleaning of one earphone!

How to clean AirPods

In General, this problem is not new — it was still wired EarPods. And the same sulfur into the holes and “freezes” there, as a result, the earpiece is quieter. Many people limit the cleaning of AirPods just remove dirt and earwax from the outer white part of the headphones. Forgetting that it is necessary to clean also the speaker grilles, otherwise, very soon, the headphones do not function properly and begin to show unpleasant tricks with sound.

But if the dirt from the grids is not promptly removed, over time it clogs them completely, and then, without a serious overhaul of the headphones is not enough…

You can easily try to brush AirPods on their own. To clean the case use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. Then clean the microphone and the grid of the speakers with a dry cotton swab and remove the dirt from the grids with a clean dry soft brush. Important — ensure that the headphone hole is dry! And no safety pins, paper clips, toothpicks and other sharp materials.

But if you have no desire to do it, and you 100% want to remove all the foreign objects out of their headphones, it is better to entrust them to professionals. So, in the service center Apple Pro produce cleaning AirPods using the powerful air flow (under pressure) and brushes — so much so that after this procedure, the headphones look like they and were not at all.

That’s the state AirPods before the cleaning headphone:

And this is the result of cleaning:

At home to produce such high-quality cleaning is not easy, so it is better not to waste your time and consult those who know all about it.

How much is it?

Cleaning is better not to delay: first, the more dirt gets into the AirPods, the worse they play music (and sometimes does require the replacement of the earphone). Second, especially for readers service center Apple Pro launched a limited promotion in which you can perform the cleaning of the AirPods absolutely for free! But if cleaning doesn’t work, or is the earpiece not working, it is possible to make replacement earphone AirPods.

Note that the limited time and want free clean AirPods will be a huge amount, so time to think not so much.

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