How to protect my group on Facebook of the deletion and the

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How to protect my group on Facebook of the deletion and the

If you logged into Facebook recently, you may see multiple alerts that your favorite groups has changed its privacy settings.

Groups that changed their settings did not include the newsgroups in the neighborhood, or external groups or groups to write a semi-fraudulent, they were primarily groups of ridicule with thousands of people.

Noticed a lot of users to multiple groups change their privacy settings at one time.

Communities many of the Privacy Options: allow communities public for anyone to join, and the groups closed allows anyone to request to join, nor show the secret societies in operations research and add new members by current member.

Why move some groups to change their privacy to groups confidential?

Explained some of the officials Group their changes in the publications, saying that the groups to ridicule other had been banned recently by Facebook without warning or explanation, and change the settings of the group intended for a precaution against a similar fate.

Given that Facebook intends to focus on encouraging community support, the sheer panic among the managers of these grassroots groups and users demonstrates the difficulties in maintaining the private spaces on the platform are governed by procedures to ban non-transparent.

It’s a theory common among the inhabitants of the internet that sets the irony in particular targeted because of the ban alleged.

The laws of Facebook cracking down on hate speech

Said one user: “I’ve noticed that this occurs only for groups of scandalous” in reference to groups that make fun of others unreasonably, and those that promote hate speech against a certain category of users or people.

Rumors had spread about the reason for this ban, according to the Society of Facebook, universities cannot support terrorist organizations or hate groups or murderers or criminals, or selling drugs or attacking individuals.

Also contrary to their cars for users to publish “objectionable content” such as hate speech or violent images or pornography, but there are no clear policies on what action might be taken by Facebook in the case of the emergence of such content in a group.

You Standards Facebook “vary depending on the severity of the violation and the date of the person on the house”, suggesting that he will punish the owners of the publications and not the communities as a whole, however, the chosen groups, and not former members of no idea why.

The reason could be is that those groups in general violate the rules of Facebook, so the company can not delete specific publications or punishment of certain people and leave others, but it’s better to delete these groups.

A spokesman for Facebook: “we have removed several sets of Facebook after the discovery of the content that violates our policies, we’ve discovered since then that this content has been published to subvert the legitimate groups that do not violate the laws, we’re working on restoring any groups affected in order to prevent it again.”

Can cause disturbing letters from others to delete your group

Commenting on this rumor has it that some of the groups exposed to the invasion of spam and messages that contain pornography, hate, links, mined, and may be behind that particular person seeks to take advantage of to do or so shopping in the leadership of Facebook to ban the group as a whole in the end.

The only certain thing is that many of the grassroots groups have been deleted already and these rumors, whether true or false, led to hide the beauty of the communities.

How to delete the Prohibition of my own group?

As a teacher for the group should develop clear rules for participants, and to review publications that publish and delete any posts containing hate speech or spam links or any content not related to the specialization or theme of the group.

Activate the control in the group, you’re definitely protect your collection from any actions that could have Facebook against it.

Remember that there are some competitors who can access your group by different names, and the publication of different content and inform Facebook about it, in case you left him, what he can bring you a lot of problems.

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