How to protect your content and earn? Response blockchain

Representatives of the cryptocurrency community are prone to collecting. Items here can be cryptococci and any coins — in the format of common holla. Editional new app from former Facebook employees John Egan and Zach Morris just offers a great opportunity for this. Here you will be able to create and even sell your own collection.

In particular, the application allows you to create and distribute scriptcollection of non-fungible tokens. For example, you can draw the figure as shown in the screenshot, or make a beautiful photo. Then you need to specify the number of available instances of the content unit and just wait. Then it is up to other users that can redeem this painting, and then even resell it more expensive. Recently one of his works sold for $ 300.

Source: CoinDesk

Why do we need the blockchain. Another case

Each object can only be passed from user to user. To copy something will not work. That is, after the payment of the content the buyer becomes the only owner. As one of the developers of the app, “each collection object is written to the user self-financing NFT-contract on the blockchain Ethereum“.

This ensures sole ownership, confirms the story of the origin and transfer of rights. Our app offers one of the easiest ways of working with NFT-contracts. In all other cases you will have to install additional browser extensions to buy special bitcoin and so on.

The company received financing of $ 1.5 million from ConsenSys, FirstMark, DCG, CoinFund, and Unusual Raptor. Egan with the team noticed that part of the collectibles market is simply empty.

Previously, we worked on the mobile wallet Vault basic support NFT, which bought Dapps-startup. From there, we learned that people are basically interested in collecting.

Egan is confident that now is the time when artists and creative people can gradually move to a digital format. The blockchain will enable them to secure for themselves the copyright and do not let to steal or tamper with their work. Editional available for pre-order in the App Store.

Have you tried to collect cryptonomicon? Recognition accepted cryptodata.

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