How to protect your privacy while browsing with Tor browser Tor

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How to protect your privacy while browsing with Tor browser Tor

If you want to maintain the privacy of your web browsing, you can use incognito mode in Google Chrome, private browsing in Firefox and InPrivate Browsing in Microsoft Edge, etc. While it would prevent other people using your computer from viewing your browsing history, but that does not prevent the ISP from monitoring the websites you visit.

You may want to good – for whatever reason – to browse the internet anonymously, this is exactly what the Tor Browser .

This provides the browser safe levels high compared to browsers other business such as Chrome and Firefox and Microsoft Edge Opera.

The installation of Tor browser Tor

The installation of Tor browser Tor

Never download and install the Tor browser, click “Finish” once the installation is complete, you will run the Tor browser for the first time, you will be welcomed through the Settings dialog box of the user to control how the connection to the Tor network.

In most cases, you should be able to click the button “connect”, but if you connect to the internet through a proxy, you will need to click the button “Configure” to enter your settings.

Browsing using the Tor Browser

Browsing using the Tor Browser

There will be a slight delay while establish Tor call the police, warn the program that the initial contact may take up to several minutes, but once you make that connection, it will be the Tor Browser is ready for use.

Depends Tor on the same code Firefox, so if you use the web browser browser Firefox, you need to everything looks fairly familiar.

Even if you have not used Firefox before, it won’t take long before you start feeling that you’re in your home, this is not much different from the likes of Edge, Google Chrome and Safari.

Choose the level of protection in the Tor browser Tor

The level of protection

It should be noted that the use of the Tor Browser is a balanced work between privacy / security and ease of use of the web. By default, it is set the security on the record although this is still more secure than any web browser to another.

If you want to visit it, click the onion icon to the left of the title bar and select security settings, and use the slider “security level” to choose the level of protection your pet, taking into account the warnings that appear about the features that may stop working on sites that you visit.

As you browse the internet, helps Tor browser Tor in maintaining your safety by avoiding direct contact with the web sites. Instead, it is bounce your connection between nodes multiple on the Tor network, and all of this with masking your own identity.

This does not make it impossible for any web site just follow who you are and where you are, it is also responsible for the sluggish performance a bit which you will notice while browsing using Tor.

If you feel that the performance is low is not supported or that the page no longer responds, You can start the service Tor new for click the icon of hamburgers and select the option “New Tor Circuit for this Site”, which would make the Tor browser the Tor to find a new road to the site.

Rethink your browsing habits

Browsing habits

To get the most out of Tor, you need to change some browsing habits you have, the first being the search engine that you use.

Instead of choosing the likes of Google and Bing, the recommendation is to move instead to, this site prevents search engines from tracking you online, and you can use it with Bing or Yahoo or DuckDuckGo.

While we are on the subject of changing habits, you also need to avoid installing extra browser, where it can seep through its own information.

Use the protocol HTTPS

HTTPS protocol

Ensuring the use of HTTPS instead of versions HTTP for websites is an important part of staying safe and anonymous online.

So you don’t have to remember to do this for each site you visit, comes the Tor Browser with HTTPS Everywhere installed by default.

Will try to get this redirected to the secure version of any website if it is available, but you must watch the address bar as collateral.

If you are connected to a safe location, you’ll see the green lock icon, if this is not present, click the “i” icon for more information.

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