How to protect your smartphone from children

In the modern world is simply no way to hide your gadget from the child. And if children cannot be called the most conscientious users should take care in advance about what to do if the device falls into the hands of the child. And now we’ll show you how to configure your Androidsmartphone or tablet so that you can pass your smartphone or tablet to your child without fear.

Not all functions on the smartphone useful for children

If you want to buy your child own an Android smartphone or tablet, or to give the time to borrow his, then Google offers a wide range of controls for safe use of gadgets by children. The main tool in this case will be an app called Google Family Link. To start, you need to install it at this link from Play store.

Next you need to create a family profile. But keep in mind that for this you will need two accounts ā€” your own (parent), and the account of the child (children). Child will use a Google account that the device, but the control account is a parent account on the same (don’t forget to set a password) or on another smartphone or tablet.

When you first start with protected account Google Family Link is automatically configured as a “device administrator” to which the child’s account will not have access. Thus, the baby hard to get around application limitations. You can configure the following parameters:

  • Maximum smartphone usage time per day.
  • Time bedtime.
  • To restrict / prohibit use of certain applications.
  • To configure filtering of sites in the Internet browser.
  • To find out information about running programs.
  • Instant lock smartphone.
  • A factory reset of the smartphone.
  • Parental controls in the play store.

Parents will also receive notification when the child installs an app from the Play store, as well as signals that the child’s phone was an attempt of visiting prohibited sites in a web browser. You can also configure a function that will allow the child to “ask permission” to visit a particular web site or download the program in the store. Request you can reject or approve only at the parent account that will receive the request.

Permission to run applications ā€” very useful

It is also worth noting that Family Link can’t control the SIM card of the device and allows to regulate the flow of Internet traffic or phone calls and SMS. On the other hand, the phonebook sync is still present and can be traced, any calls, and some subscribers have made a minor user. Even then it is possible to block the applications to run at certain time or according to you request. For example, you can limit the running games at the time when the child needs to do homework or sleep. Did you know about such a functional app? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

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In General, the Family Link is a pretty powerful tool for monitoring kids. But we would not advise them to abuse and deny everything. Yes, no doubt you need to restrict controversial content on the Internet and on YouTube, but in the end the most important thing is trust, and not having any restrictions.

Download: Link Google Family

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