How to protect your smartphone from overheating

By the end of August it’s finally summer, which means that in many cities of Russia daytime temperatures rise above 30 degrees Celsius (although not in Moscow). To our editorial mail and Telegram chat lately often write with the overheating problems of Android smartphones, so we decided to remind you some simple tips on how you can avoid this condition and what to do if the device is overheated.

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Why not leave the phone in the sun

The first thing you need to know — do not leave your smartphone under direct sunlight. Hold the device in the shade (in a pocket, in a backpack) to maintain acceptable performance temperature. If you leave the smartphone in sunlight, it can simply be switched off from high temperature. In addition to it can be stained, that you don’t like it. Finally, high temperatures can swell and even light up the battery.

The battery is swollen due to overheating

The same applies to the car, the interior is strongly heated by the sun.

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Even if you are with the telephone in the shadows, but the ambient temperature is 30-40 degrees Celsius, preferably use the device at least: less run resource intensive applications, games and location-based programs. Even in normal circumstances, the smartphone starts to warm up when they’re run, what can we say about such “extreme” situations.

How to cool down your phone

If the mobile is overheated (and gave you a proper warning), do not need to put a hot phone into a fridge. Just get him into the shade and let it cool slowly. At this time it is not recommended to use the smartphone and to charge it. Work is something that you need for your battery when it is overheated. Less hold the device in hand and try to keep it no contact with other gadgets.

Overheating warning

As the case can cause overheating of the smartphone

A dense fabric or other materials that prevent the natural cooling of the device, can be harmful. Best in the heat of the smartphone feels without a case or cover with lots of holes. Therefore it is better to clothe it in leather outfit: vel, you would not have to walk in hot weather in a parka? Your smartphone is also not desirable.

Can I swim with the phone

Even if your smartphone supports the relevant standard, it does not mean that sand and water can’t harm your device. Sea water, if desired, easily oxidized contacts of the charging, and the sand will penetrate into the lattice dynamics so that to get it will be possible only in the service center. Remember, there is no any requirement to ensure that the phone worked and during the “bath”. The tests have limited conditions, reflected in the fact that the phone will be able to maintain their performance after the “water treatment”. In any case, during testing it is only submerged the phone in clean water that contains no admixtures of other fluids. So to swim in the sea even with the Samsung Galaxy we would not recommend it.

So better don’t abuse it, if you went to escape the heat of the beach. In General, rest better take a break from the gadgets and read a good book. No less pleasure, and with a book there will be no problems, unless your child doesn’t want to play with the sun and a magnifying glass.

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