How to protect your smartphone from the heat and sun

In many cities around the world this summer has been particularly hot. High temperature affects not only us. Suffer and smartphones, are everywhere with us. We can ease their suffering and protect from the harmful effects of hot weather, if we follow a few simple rules.

To avoid high temperature

If you leave the smartphone in sunlight, it can simply be switched off from high temperature. In addition to it can be stained, that you don’t like it. Finally, high temperatures can swell and even light up the battery. For this reason, it is not recommended to leave your smartphone in the sun or in the car, the interior is strongly heated by the sun.

Correctly cool device

No need to put a red-hot smartphone in the refrigerator. Just get him into the shade and let it cool slowly. At this time it is not recommended to use the smartphone and to charge it. Work is something that you need for your battery when it is overheated.

Choose the right case

You would not have to walk in hot weather in a parka? Your smartphone is also not desirable. A dense fabric or other materials that prevent the natural cooling of the device, can be harmful. Best in the heat of the smartphone feels without a case or cover with lots of holes.

Beware of sand and water

Modern smartphones protected from water and dust, but this does not mean that sand and water can’t harm your device. Better not overdo it, if you went to escape the heat of the beach.

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