How to put a call in WhatsApp on Android on hold

The ability to put a call on hold to during the conversation to reply to another subscriber, there is in every smartphone. It does not depend on the availability of additional GSM-module or the second SIM card, allowing you to essentially receive calls on two lines at once. As a result, the who is calling you while you are talking to does not receive the notification that the number is busy. In this case, he can either reset the challenge alone, and, waiting till you yourself call him, or “hang on a wire” if it is an urgent need to answer. Now such possibility is and in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has allowed its users to talk on two lines at once

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The developers of WhatsApp has released an update of the eponymous messenger for Android, number 2.19.357 (download). It is already available for download in Google Play to users in all countries where WhatsApp is allowed to work. Its main innovation is the function of call hold. It can accept an incoming call even during a call. Thus the caller will not receive a notification that the called subscriber is busy, and will hear the ringing, typical call, and the user put on hold can stay on the line and wait until he responds again.

The second line in WhatsApp

WhatsApp now allows you to put the call on hold and accept the other

To put the conversation on hold, won’t need to perform any complex manipulations. It will be enough just to take a call that comes during an already started conversation with a prior notification of the first interlocutor. So he will know exactly what he was put on hold and not hang up, believing that there has been a failure. At this time he will not hear what you say to the other party, and at the end of the conversation on the other line, it will be automatically returned to the interrupted conversation.

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Despite the convenience of a second line in WhatsApp, its implementation still leaves much to be desired. The biggest complaint I have is that the messenger is in no way alerts the user who is trying to call is already recording the conversation of the subscriber. Because of this, many might get the impression that they are ignored, since the callee does not interrupt the current call. To avoid this, you could provide some kind of warning system like that used by cellular operators when the answering machine says the caller talking on the other line.

WhatsApp — full replacement SMS and calls

Otherwise, the hold function and the ability to conduct a conversation on two lines at once is an innovation, which was asking for a very long time. Thanks to him, the messenger will become even more hardline communication tool that can replace not only text messages that it, in General, has long been replaced, but the phone conversations, whose age is also gradually coming to an end. As a result, all that the users need is to have a stable Internet connection and install WhatsApp, which is distributed free of charge.

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