How to put parental control on Netflix account

How to put parental controls on the Netflix account, company is the Netflix of the leading companies in the field of broadcast the latest movies and series but for the subscriptions of the symbolic where the company has very popular worldwide and even in the Arab world enjoy your company very popular in the Gulf states and the Middle East where by a lot of lovers watching movies and series, as there are many sites that offer the same content, but in the presence of many of the annoying ads that affect the level of CPV is participating in Netflix the best choice in front of you to enjoy watching .

And with all of these people that got the company Netflix turned in within 2013 towards the industry of movies and series where I started in the production of the first series and then enter the company increased the number of Aboriginal Programs Offered by the company where the company launched nearly 126 the work of Pray of its own, and also the company’s Netflix-by-step is the most important to increase its popularity and increase the number of followers she is having Netflix to all platforms such as smart phones and companies and Allen and many other systems .

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After all this spreading and although there are many ways through which you can add parental controls on Android phones, there are a lot of apps that provide such features, which help parents and guardians choose content which can be for the youngest member of the family to access it and which ones must remain hidden from him .

Announced Netflix about this matter via her blog official news to your account in Netflix already has parental control settings that allow you to speak of the limits of each person of your family didn’t have to watch only movies and serials, television programmes containing scenes or words should not be on young people participation .

How to put parental control on Netflix account

Parental control measures provided by the Netflix Variety. First, it is included the possibility of adding a personal identification number to access your personal files so that the youngest members of the family access to their profile only, not the rest. This allows the parents greater control over what content their children can access. In this sense, it has been included filters that allow you to choose the titles available, and prohibit those that may not be suitable depending on work.

It also includes the ability to hide the serials, movies or documentaries by name. This way, it won’t show the titles banned in the catalog of the statute when you use one of the Profiles with the settings of the parental control activity. Finally, guests are offered the option to record the content seen by minors within their profile, and embed the possibility to deactivate the automatic copying of comments in the profiles of children .

How to put parental control on Netflix account

To activate the mode control parental account Netflix you must follow the following steps .

  • At first we scroll the mouse over the arrow in the top right to show your account picture and choose account .
  • Then after that we choose the profile of your child (if you don’t have his profile private, you can add a file by selecting the file manager profile from the drop-down menu) .
  • After selecting the account we choose to change next to displayed the restrictions .
  • Then after that we enter the password for the account Netflix .
  • Then show you a list you can choose the supply constraints for this profile you can transfer the level to the level of Children NC-17 or anywhere in between, this space is dedicated to children .

How to lock your profile on Netflix not even your children are able to access it

Will become everything you’ve done of the steps is not important if students can log in to your profile to share content without restrictions. So I added the Netflix way to lock your account with a password. To do this, do the following:

  • Open Netflix in your web browser .
  • Hover over the arrow to the top right hand side .
  • Select “account”.
  • Select from the drop-down menu of the profile of your .
  • Select “Change” next to the lock profile.
  • Enter the password to your Netflix.
  • Select Request a PIN.
  • Enter in the spaces reserved for the code composed of 4 digits.
  • Head PIN, when any profile is the last with a solution to add the new profile to prevent your child from work to a new profile without Viola .
  • Then we choose Save .

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How to see what your children are watching on Netflix

كيفية تفعيل وضع الرقابة الأبوية فى حساب Netflix

  • Open Netflix in your web browser .
  • Hover over the arrow to the top right hand side .
  • Select “account”.
  • Select from the drop-down menu of the profile of your .
  • We then choose a Viewing activity or watch activity .


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