How to put YouTube videos on pause, turning away from the screen

In Chrome for desktop platforms experimental detection of persons watching, if the user looks at the screen. Use it to unlock the computer yet it is impossible, but to put YouTube videos on pause, looking away, — is even possible.

First, you need to install an extension for Chrome browser called FacePause. It activates the ability to set YouTube videos pause when you look away from the screen or turn away from him.

Now go to this link and activate the possibility to use experimental features, translating the value in the drop-down box in the Enabled position, then click on the browser restart.

Wait until Chrome is restarted, open YouTube and start any video. In the lower right corner a window appears with the inscription Face Pause Disabled. Need to transfer the slider to “on” and allow the website to run the front camera of the computer.

It remains only to wait for face detection can be used.

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