How to quickly copy a tab from Chrome on Mac, Safari on the iPhone

The usefulness of the Handoff feature, allowing to continue work on the iPhone, which was originally developed on Mac, it is difficult to overestimate. Thanks to her, for example, you can instantly switch between the desktop and the mobile version of Safari, without losing the previously opened tabs. About how for the same purpose to make friends with Safari and Chrome — in the material

First we need to install an extension for Chrome that is called The QR Code Extension. It automatically generates QR codes web pages that are open in the desktop version of Chrome, so you can scan them with your iPhone and almost instantly open in mobile Safari.

After installing the extension, open Chrome on the Mac (or Windows depending on the platform you are using) on any tab and click on the icon of a QR code, which appeared in the upper right corner. All you have to do is launch the app “Camera” on the iPhone and scan the generated QR code.

After the recognition code at the top of the display will show the banner with the offer to open the link in Safari. Click on it and get to the page that was open on your computer screen. Despite the seeming abundance of steps, the switching process will take no more than 5 seconds. I’ve been spotted.

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