How to quickly get rid of unwanted photos on iOS

Gemini Photos is a new app for iPhone that uses machine learning technology to optimize disk space by removing similar or poor quality images. Development automatically analyzes the content of images noting the ones that repeat others, or do not represent practical value.

According to the developers, in Gemini Photos uses intelligent algorithms to find duplicate images and identify the most pictures. Now you don’t have to choose the best shot from several similar. The application will do this work.

In addition to identifying duplicates, Gemini able to find blurry Photos and blurry photos, screenshots and pictures of text. Typically, such content is of no value to the user, and if it is, it quickly loses relevance. You will only confirm the intention Gemini Photos remove junk images or leave them.

Gemini Photos also allows time to remove your entire library, instead of forcing the user to manually select all pictures and video recordings or format the device.

The application is absolutely free, but operates on a subscription model. All new users a free three day unlimited access to all the functions of the application. The monthly fee for the use of the application leaves 129 rubles. There is the possibility of purchasing the app forever.

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Name: Gemini Photos
Publisher/developer: MacPaw Inc.
Price: Free
In app purchases: Yes
Compatibility: Universal app
Reference: Install

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