How to quickly process the video from the camera (+contest)

We live in a time when video has become almost more valuable than the text. Around us is a lot of interesting things, and we want to share with the world his vision of what is happening. That’s just a simple video not interesting, and first they have to handle. Tell you how to do it, even if the video is shot in 4K on a GoPro camera.

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How to win the camera of your dreams

It sounds loud, but the developer of the program about which we’ll be talking today offers you to win the camera of dreams. The only condition that its value should be limited to the amount of $ 400. But if it is GoPro Hero DJI or 7 OSMO Action — pay it. In addition to the camera provided several prizes.

To participate simply answer the question on this page, and specify your email. To become a member, even without buying the program. You just need to leave it and wait until September 10, 2019. This day will be randomly selected the winners.

Now back to the topic of shooting and processing video.

Why we need a GoPro

Now on the market you can find many unique GoPro cameras, which are even cheaper. And the company is experiencing not the best times after a meteoric rise a decade ago. Despite this, its name has become a byword for this type of device, like action camera. And the hull shape are reflected in dozens of devices coming to the market.

Released relatively recently, GoPro Hero, 7, without exaggeration, is an excellent example of how a General should look similar to the camera but at the price of more than 30 thousand rubles for the top, most interesting version, it is not very actively resonates in the hearts of buyers. Some analogues are two times cheaper, and inferior not so much.

All this leads to the fact that the cameras are mostly those for whom the beautiful shots are the goal of life. Among them are extreme athletes, professional bloggers, TV reporters and the like.

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If you are one of them or simply not willing to accept compromise and take it on GoPro for you, we have an interesting program with many features. These opportunities go well beyond video processing, and will make the program useful even for those who do not use cameras at all.

How to edit a video with GoPro

For installation video, filmed with an action camera, you can use a serious program, like Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro, but videos shot in 4K with a higher bitrate, take up very little space and is very demanding on the hardware of the computer. During work with the system brakes, the frames fall out, and the very installation of the program sometimes crashes. For GoPro, there is a separate program for editing (GoPro Studio) but it also has its limitations.

To avoid this, it is possible to use alternative solutions, but many of them or are not able to work with 4K or not working very consistently, but we found a good option, which is used to process video on our YouTube channel and our social networks.

For us the alternative was the program VideoProc, which is distributed on a paid basis, but it has a trial period, and you can buy it like a subscription for one year, and forever.

When you run the program it will ask you are you willing to pay for it or want to try it out first. Clicking Remind Me Later you get in the main menu to see what she’s capable of. Here and open it additional features I mentioned above, but we’ll go in order.

Processing video from the camera

The main thrust of the program is the videos in 4K, which is really difficult to work with because of their size, because one minute of 4K video takes up about 500 MB on the drive. Despite this, the program has other useful features.

The first section of the program devoted to video. It prompts the user to choose the version of the work. He can choose video, audio, or even add materials of the batch, putting the folder with them.

In addition, you can configure hardware acceleration processing, if any, and select the target format upload video. Will choose a lot of things, from the simplest formats for weak systems to 4K with a higher bitrate. It is even possible to choose a variant of the device for which you want to export.

Revealing the video, you can adjust it as needed. The choice will be available: crop duration, effects, subtitles, geometric change, the change audio/video settings, overlay watermarks and even naming and tags. In addition, will be separate for this video to choose the codec, frame rate, resolution and more.

Once all selected, just enough to press the start button and wait a bit, get ready videos. It is worth noting that for the full non-linear editing, of course, will require a major program, but for processing, which requires the vast majority of users is simply not necessary.

How to copy video from DVD

In addition to opportunities to work with an existing video program VideoProc allows you to make copies of DVDs and capture with them. To do this you need to insert the DVD in your computer if it supports it, and specify the necessary settings.

The output also will be available a few formats, and to start copying simply press the start button. In addition, the export video can be ISO disk image that is already on your computer.

How to download videos from YouTube

Each of us at least once faced a situation when you wanted to download videos from YouTube, but it was not so easy. This stems from the lack of standard tools provided by the service.

VideoProc allows you to download videos not only from YouTube but also from Facebook, and a huge number of other sites. It will be enough just to copy the link and paste it in the program. It works with both video and audio.

After the link is inserted, the system will analyze it and propose formats for the downloaded video. Left to make a choice, and click download. In our work, we used some programs for video capture, but this option really was the most convenient among all tested by us.

How to record video from the screen

To record a video from your computer screen and smartphone as there are many options, including full-time, but even QuickTime will not give such freedom of choice of video capture and such a diversity of output formats like VideoProc.

First of all, you will have to choose where you want to capture, in addition to a PC camera and screencast, you can capture images with the iPhone, and even the combined capture, in which a record will be kept of your computer screen and in the corner is a video from a web camera.

This will allow you to record tutorials, gameplay and other videos for YouTube or other thematic areas. You can adjust your microphone sensitivity, recording quality and even crop images, if you don’t need to capture the whole screen.

Program for working with video

Frankly, when I first encountered the program VIdeoProc, I treated it like a regular Converter, which is a lot, but they do not facilitate the work with video. Among them are good options, but generally they are highly specialized.

After I worked with VideoProc, I deleted some programs that were used before. Of course, this does not apply to Final Cut Pro X, but nobody says that these programs compete with each other. Final Cut Pro X is a serious tool for work with nonlinear editing, and VideoProc, but rather a set of tools that can complement the professional program, and become to fans a great option for every day.

This is a full “multimedia processor”, working fast, with great features and allows you to do batch processing. In this case, the interface is very simple and intuitive. To me this is not enough. Try it free and see for yourself, whether to agree with me.

Download VideoProc for Windows

Download VideoProc for macOS

Enter the contest and download the program in order to free of charge personally to make sure its usability. While it downloaded, come to our Telegram chat and see what happens. In General, there is a lot of interesting things, but perhaps right now there discussing the job with the video. If you’re reading this post, the topic you care about.

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