How to quickly resize images on iOS

Working with images in iOS by default leaves much to be desired. Regular Photos app opens not so many opportunities to edit, so those who need more extensive functionality, I prefer to use third-party editors. Their only drawback is the need to deal with all their tools, which is not always justified, because some only need that to change the image size. Especially for them this instruction.

We continue our series of articles devoted to automation of daily processes using the application “Quick commands”. With it, you will be able to perform actions that previously had to spend a lot of time, just in two steps. Thanks to the “Quick commands” will increase not only the functionality of your iPhone, but also your productivity, because now you will be able to perform much more things.

Change the width of image on iOS

  • Install a “Fast team” (download from App Store);
  • Upload team Photo Resize;
  • In the photos app, select the picture whose size you want to change and click “Share”;
  • Select “Quick commands” — Resize Photo, enter the desired width and click “OK”.
  • After a couple of seconds you get the image you wide.

Resize Photo shows the original width of the frame, allowing you to understand how the team will change its size. In addition, Resize Photo requests only the width, but does not request high. Thus she manages to keep the proportions of the frame without breaking them. However, if the need arises, you can always add the command to the appropriate script, seeing as it’s made developer.

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