How to quickly switch Mac OS to

Many users do not realize what a vast possibilities provides such a powerful tool like Automator. At first glance, the program is quite complex to learn, but understand, you can see that the control is pretty intuitive and clear. Today we tell about the script, which will allow you to switch operating systems on your Mac in just one click.

As you know, to switch the operating system on Mac in two ways:

  • Hold the Option key at the time starting boot the computer. In the menu that appears we can select the desired drive.
  • Use BootCamp utility: to do this, open System preferences, go to startup disk and then select disk system to boot and press “Reset”.

Both methods take time and involve a sequence of actions. Is it possible to simplify this process? As it turned out — Yes. This will help us to Automator.

  • Run the Automator app. This can be done through Spotlight, or in any other convenient way;

  • In the “document Type” select “Program”;

  • Now we need to find the process “Run AppleScript”. For this we can use search;

  • Model code of the script to the following:

currentHD set to “Macintosh HD”
set toBoot to “Windows 10”

set deviceID to (do shell script “diskutil list | awk ‘/” & toBoot & “/ {print $NF}'”)

do shell script “bless -device /dev/” & deviceID & “-legacy-setBoot -nextonly” with administrator privileges

tell application “Finder” to restart

  • You will need to adjust the first two lines, if your system disks are named as something else. In our case, the partition named “Macintosh HD” and “Windows 10”. If you want to restart from the current macOS macOS other version, you will also need to make certain changes to the script (remove option -legacy in the fourth line).
  • Maintain established utility, giving it an appropriate name. Everything is ready.

After you run our application you can switch between operating systems with just one click. If necessary, the generated application can be moved directly into the dock. Agree, very useful script.

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