How to raise the quality of the photos on your OnePlus 5 or 5T using Simple Mod

No need for OnePlus 5 on a lot of weaknesses, but you may feel that the company that carries the slogan “Never Settle”, it may have stabilized a bit with her camera. Where do not contain all of the device OnePlus 5 and 5T on the specifications of the filming is bad, but can be used to capture images, which is what we are about to explain to you in the next lines.

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This will sound more detailed, with more details to come requirements to provide more storage space. You simply get more information and details for your eyes to see it on the photo, but this is due to the non-compressed version is smaller than it is. Yes, there is the application of GCam mod / app also, but with this modification, the difference in quality is more pronounced.

Here’s what you will gain benefits through this amendment: first loss of the watercolor effect (this refers to some of the people on that unwashed, or like oil painting – where you lose sound just glitter it the way it is processed by default), and change the JPEG quality to 100 by default, and conditioning intensity before treatment, there is an option to adjust the sharpness manually on the front camera in the settings.

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  • Requirements

  • One Plus 5 or 5T
  • Under Magisk installed
  • NANDroid backup (just in this case)
  • Application of the Stock OnePlus Camera (uninstall any updates via the Google Play app by going to Settings then applications Apps and then OnePlus Camera, then disable and re-enable the camera)
  • Step 1 Download camera M Magisk Mod

To get things circulating, follow the link below to get the camera module M Magisk on your device – so as to obtain a better image quality without modifying the system partition (breaking the SafetyNet). You must scroll down to find the attached ZIP file.


Step 2: grab the zip ZIP in Magisk

Now, open the application Magisk Manager. It is the side navigation menu, click on the “unit Modules”. And press the Add button in yellow at the bottom of the screen. Then click on the ZIP file you downloaded earlier, then click on the “Install Install” when prompted to do so.

Step 3 re-operating

Once completed flashing, press the button “restart Reboot” on the bottom of the screen. If you close the screen by mistake, again just restart your phone in the usual way through the menu power power menu.

Step 4-enjoy the picture quality enhancer

Once you install the unit, you can use the application camera image quality improved – where it will take high quality images just now. I can remember the time where people had to buy professional cameras, if they wanted to ensure that they capture high-quality images, but now you have a great camera to carry with you all the time.

How to raise the quality of the photos on your OnePlus 5 or 5T using a Simple Mod

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