How to record screen on Android

To take a screenshot of the screen of your smartphone in order to quickly capture something important or interesting, today is not a problem. About how to do it, you know, almost all users of modern devices. However, because you can make a video capture of what appears on the display. This feature is also handy, but many users are not aware of it. Let’s eliminate the knowledge gap.

It is worth noting that we will look at several ways to record screen on Android as built-in features, or using third-party programs.

Record by using Android software

Android has a built-in ability to record screen for some time, but it is not as easy to handle as we would like. Apparently, the situation will be corrected only with the release of Android Qbeta which has this option.

Go to developer options in settings, scroll them down to the point settings_screenrecord_long_press and enable with the toggle button

Now you will need to use the power button. Pressing and holding it down, try to take a screenshot (depending on the model you have to press, usually one of the volume buttons). There should appear a submenu with selection options the record. Now click the “Start recording”

And now a couple of options for those who do not have the ability to install the beta version. First, this program Mobizen Screen Recorder. It is comfortable to use, but it has embedded ads in the basic version. The app allows you to record video in HD and not only to capture a video stream, but also to edit it in the future. Premium version will save you from advertising, and will allow you to add to your video unique watermark.

Unlike the previous program, this is not advertising, but the advanced version will provide access to a number of possibilities. Although basic things you will need. You can pause the video if necessary, and edit the final file by using very advanced tools, including the creation of animated gifs from original video.

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