How to record screen with Apple TV

Apple TV is probably the best set-top box. Operating system tvOS has a large number of features that competitors lack. That only is the Apple Arcade, which will appear on the set-top box Apple this fall. On Apple TV you can even record screencasts – however, it necessarily need a Mac.

Apple TV 4 is more than you think

With the release of OS X Yosemite in 2014, Macs have got the ability to capture screen directly from Apple TV.

In order to start recording what is happening on the screen of the console, simply plug in the Apple TV and Mac directly via cable, Type-C or adapter. The statement itself is very simple.

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How to record screen with Apple TV on Mac

  • The context menu of QuickTime

  • Connecting cable Apple TV and Mac, proceed to the next phase: launch the QuickTime application.
  • Select “File” —> “New movie recording”
  • Record screen with Apple TV very easily

  • Next to the button is the camcorder settings. In the settings referred to Apple TV as source of video and audio.
  • All that remains is to press the “Record” button, thereby starting the recording screencast
  • After the procedure entries, save the resulting file. Select in the menu bar “File” —> “Save”.

As you can see, to make a screen capture with Apple TV is really very simple — don’t even need to configure the console.

Of course, there are certain limitations — for example, burn playable video format HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) you will not succeed. The fact that this technology is aimed at combating the illegal copying of video. But in other moments there is no problem — you can grab the desktop tvOS and apps or games.

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