How to record sound in games on Android 10

Almost since the dawn of existence of the Android users this operating system was looking for the ability to record what is happening on the screen. At some point even started to appear programs that allow you to do, simultaneously capturing the sound of what is happening. But very soon, for security reasons, Google what is called “shut it down” and left only the option to record video without sound security reasons. Of course, you could always get root and forget about these limitations, but Android 10 gives you the ability to do without it.

Record video from games on Android 10 will not be easy

Why your Android smartphone is not recorded the sound from games

Android 10 (unlike its predecessors) has a new API called Audio Capture Playback, which allows developers to record audio from other apps (such as games). However, for non-system apps to record the internal sound, game developers have to manually register in a special service of Google, which not always fast, because you need to go through the approval procedure. Because most applications have not focused on Android 10, support sound recording, a rather limited number of programs. But over time, almost all popular apps will get guaranteed API support Audio Playback, Capture. But to know how to record videos with sound is possible without waiting for support options now. By the way, you have already upgraded to the new OS? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

How to record sound from games on Android

To start, you need to download a special app Screen Recorder from Google Play Store. The program will ask you to give some permissions like access to the microphone, screen and third party programs. Do not worry and click “OK”. Also be sure to enable Screen Recorder to capture audio and video stream. There is a very important point: you have to go to settings (click on the icon, made in the form of three strips, one above the other) and scroll through the options “Record Audio” that will allow you to record audio and the “Audio Source”. The latter allows to choose, in fact, the source of sound recording. The default is the microphone of the smartphone. We need the item “Internal Audiо”. This is sounds apps.

Without selecting this option, record audio will not work

The setup is not finished, return to the main screen and press there on the icon of the video. Do not forget to choose the option “Allow display over other apps”. It will allow you to capture a video stream not only the main screen of the smartphone, but also third-party applications.

Turn on the video recording

Then you can go back to your desktop smartphone and, if done correctly, you will find here the tools for recording. You can start recording, go to the application settings or to close the socket.

The entry is organized simply and clearly. To start, we need the leftmost button

Can start recording. The secondary menu will disappear from the screen, but in order to stop recording, just pull the top of the screen down and you will see the item on the recording. After the recording is done, you can share it on the social networks by clicking “Share” to edit in a simple editor — “Trim” or delete videos by selecting the “Delete” respectively.

Download: Screen Recorder

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