How to record your screen on any device


From watching the various proposals and various programs to show your skills excellent in gaming or giving a presentation at work, there are many reasons why the ability to record the screen of your smart phone or computer screen personal mission. Although turning increasingly to the feature are entered in the operating system but it is not always present, but if that is not present in the operating system let me tell you that there are apps you performed for that task successfully today. Here’s how to record your screen on any device!

How to record your screen on Android


Made for OnePlus recently recording the screen using the OnePlus 7 Pro. May turn the recording screen to older devices such as the OnePlus 6T and OnePlus 6 also. Here’s what you need to do to clean the screen recording on OnePlus 7 Pro.

You may need to add an option “screen recorder” to the list of “Quick Settings”. To do this, click the pencil icon at the end of the Quick Settings panel and drag the button “screen recorder” to the top.

You only need to click on the toggle the screen recorder to start with.

Once you receive the registration options screen, you can click the red Record button to start recording the screen.

Open the gear icon in the screen recording settings. Here you can adjust the video resolution and audio direction, Video, etc.


Come most phones Xiaomi smartphone with apps MIUI Screen Recorder pre-installed by Xiaomi.

You’ll find the “screen recorder” in the folder “tools” located either in one of your pages to the main or in the app drawer.

Click on the cog icon in the upper right corner to adjust or change settings such as video resolution and quality communication and sound designer and tires and more.

Then press the red Record button at the bottom right and then click on “start” to start the screen recording.

Huawei one

I have the Huawei and Honor the screen recording in EMUI too.

As is the case with OnePlus, you’ll find the registration screen (icon of a video camera) in the menu “quick settings” when you drag under the notice.

You can also enable the screen recording by pressing and holding the power button and key volume up one at a time.

Repeat any process to finish recording the screen.


With phones Samsung smartphone, you can record your screen using the Samsung Game Launcher.

Go to Settings and then advanced features and enable the Game Launcher. Will now move all your games to folder Game Launcher.

When you play the game, swipe up from the bottom. In the bottom left, you will see the registration code screen shot.

Using Google Play Games

In some smartphones which do not contain a screen recorder its own, you can also record the play using the Google Play Games.

You may have to download and log in to Play games if you don’t have already on your device.

Look for the game that you want to record, then click the video camera icon at the top.

Change the registry settings if necessary, there is a read operation of a” click ” to start recording your game. Although this method is designed to facilitate play, once the advent of recording options screen on the screen, you can quit the game and then recording any other thing to do also.

Through some applications

The use of Google Play Games a quick solution to get screen recordings of the original, mainly on the Android phone. However, instead of going through all these steps, it is best to use application instead. There are a lot of apps screen recording which you can download from the Google Play Store. One of our favorite applications is AZ Screen Recorder. Download the app from Google Play Store. The app will ask for permission to record the screen. The resulting object icon to the Registrar of the screen on the screen all the time. Click on the icon to start. You can adjust the settings by clicking on the cog icon and start recording by clicking on the button video camera red. You can end the recording by dragging under the notice down and pressing the stop button. The app does not require root, and there are no time limits or watermarks or ads to deal with, and there are some features to edit basic video. Whether it be for games or for anything else, the AZ Screen Recorder is one of the best apps that you can download.

How to record your screen on Windows 10

Has Windows 10 on Game Game Bar included, which is about a screen recorder to help you capture Games screen but you can use it for anything else also.

Press and hold the Windows key and G at the same time. Then select “Yes, this is a game”.

Click the big record button to start recording the screen. You can also adjust the other settings and enabling features such as voice recording through the microphone, and enabling broadcasts, and more.

Will be video-captured exists in the folder Capture in the section videos in Bartsch C

To change registry settings, open the Xbox (by typing Xbox in the search bar). Go to Settings via the menu on the left side and open the tab Capture. If you don’t want to use the Xbox, you can find it also by going to Settings (Search settings in the search bar of the Windows) – games. You can then access the Settings “Game DVR” and change the settings like video and audio quality, audio volume, and the frame rate of the video, and more.

Unfortunately, I don’t support every PC running Windows 10 screen recording via The Game DVR. If your computer meets the requirements of the devices that allow it, should rely on certain apps instead.


There are also many apps available that allow you to record your screen on Windows. Some are available for download directly from the Microsoft Store too. One of my favorites is OBS Studio. It’s a free forum and open source allows you to record or broadcast live content on your screen.

Download the desktop software OBS Studio. Calling OBS Studio is also a version for older Windows dating back to Windows 7, along with MacOS 10.11+ and Linux.

Click on the plus icon at the bottom of the box sources to add sources to video and audio. To record what you do on your screen, click on the Display Capture.

Click “Start Recording” in the menu on the right side. Then click “Stop recording” once you’re finished.

Will save the video files in a folder videos in Bartsch C by default. You can change the destination folder click the go to file – settings – output and make the change in the Registration Department.

The above steps are just to record the screen easily. However, the longer this app application professional gives you precise control in every aspect of the screen and audio recording almost. If you are looking for a registration packet full screen, the OBS Studio is an excellent choice.

If you don’t want to get into trouble downloading the desktop application or you’re looking for something quick and simple, the Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is a good alternative. It’s full of features and offers everything in an easy to use interface.


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