How to recover deleted data from iCloud

Have you ever heard that the Internet remembers everything? Developed system of caches, and cloud storage allows you to not only store data, but if necessary to recover them even after deletion. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that almost any file that you accidentally erased from the cloud, you can return easily. Despite the fact that Apple carefully protects the privacy of its users, iCloud Drive still allows to apply the procedure of data recovery. Tell it like it is.

Deleted data from iCloud, you can restore, but provided that you removed them yourself

In iCloud Drive, as in the standard Photos app on iOS, the mechanism of storage of deleted files for 30 days after deletion. They are stored in a special section of the cloud easy to access, so until the expiry you can try to recover them. Because of the branching system of the Apple stores you can face a situation when certain data is not in the list of recently deleted, so we offer you two alternative ways of searching deleted files and their recovery.

How to return files in iCloud Drive

  • Go to the website from your Mac or iPad;
  • Pass authorization, verifying the input fingerprint or password;

Deleted data from iCloud recover. It’s just

  • In the upper left corner next to your name click the down arrow and open the “account Settings”;
  • Scroll down to the section “More” and select “Recover files”;

You can restore not only files, but contacts, and even calendars

  • Wait until the deleted files are, select the right click “Recover” and wait for recovery.

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The second method involves recovery of deleted data from the application Files. It is unclear why this happens, but even Apple itself warns that some types of information from iCloud Drive can be stored in it.

How to recover data in Files on iOS

  • Open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad;
  • Go to the tab “Browse” — “Places” — “Recently deleted”;

The Files contains a separate folder of recently deleted files. But they are stored for only 30 days

  • Select the files you want to back out of storage deleted data and click “Recover”;
  • Go to iCloud Drive in the app “Files” restored data should be there.

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It is important to understand that to restore deleted data from iCloud Drive only if you or someone in your family has deleted them by force. If this happened automatically because of a bug in iOS 13, which was reported earlier, to recover the missing data yourself, you will probably not succeed. Therefore, the only way to restore is to appeal to Apple, which will check and will give you back your data. However, the guarantee of success you, probably nobody will.

Lost data from iCloud. What to do

Known cases when user data rates even paid iCloud simply disappeared, leaving no trace. Attempts to get Apple’s assistance in recovering deleted information which usually even the partition with the deleted files does not appear, most often to nothing lead. The customer service representatives of the company reported that they can’t help because of absence of technical possibility to recover the data stored in the protected sections. At the same time give information on requests of intelligence services in Cupertino, most likely, can. This is a paradox.

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