How to recover lost data from Windows or Mac

Although many people know what to refer to files and responsibly, still there are cases when lost important documents, photos or videos. The reasons may be different: damaged disc, the system flew themselves randomly removed and so on. In this case just need to have the computer tool to recover deleted data.

Although programs for this there is a great variety, we stopped for EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It is better than the others? The program supports both Windows and OS X, and Mac files are removed not less often. This utility also provides a complete free version, which many will be enough.

The application interface EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free simple and intuitive. First, choose what type of data you need to restore (all). The appearance of the Windows version done in the style of Microsoft’s operating system. Then select which disk we are “lost” their files.

Using two types of scanning (basic and advanced) the app finds files the existence of which you may be unaware. We had plenty of the usual scan to find accidentally deleted videos and photos that were necessary for writing a review.

As we said earlier, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is available on Mac, the interface is slightly adapted in the style of OS X. the Algorithm of actions is very similar: select the disk — scan — advanced scanning. However, conventional scan will often suffice.

Utility can recover almost any data from accidentally deleted and damaged during a virus attack to the disappeared in the case of disk corruption and operating system errors. And it works not only with the drive of the computer: data recovery is possible but from the external drive, pendrive, memory cards and even mobile phone.

The main difference between the free version of the paid is the restriction on the amount of data that can be restored. In the case of version Free is 2 GB in professional no limit no. But the version Pro + Bootable Media is suitable for those who want to always be able to recover information even if the system does not boot.

To understand, you need the professional version or not, try EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free for Windows or Mac. By the way, EaseUS is and application to restore lost data on iOS and Android.

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