How to reduce the number of pages of the pdf file

Separating PDF pages

There are a lot of users to deal with PDF files frequently, perhaps daily, some may prefer to download textbooks or scientific books from the internet this the PDF version, while others uses files with the aim of copying what and in the research or study and not that of other reasons.

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But there is a problem you may experience other as they grew up the PDF in terms of size and number of pages may find it difficult to open it on her computer, noting the slowness of the system in dealing with these pages. Thus there were solutions for these problems which is what we’re going to explain in this topic about how to reduce the number of pages of the pdf file or separate the pages and straightened to open the file easily and without suffering device when browsing these files.

Ways to separate PDF pages – split levels PDF file

There are three ways through which the division files on the device and open files PDF easily, as follows :

The first way is through your connection to the internet.

All browsers where the browser PDF internal which leads in turn to allow you to read the content in the e-book and allow you to print any of its pages, and for example the Chrome browser CHrome , working on the following :

  • Run browser the Chrome
  • Pull up a PDF file that retains them from the desktop to the browser.

  • Browser will display the content of the PDF directly, click on the print file manually, or press the Ctrl key + the letter P with the nature.
  • After that click on Destination and then choose Save as PDF
  • Work here to go to the list Pages and then select Custom then select the page numbers of the file that you want separated from the file.

The Third Way is through tools Online

  • Site iLovePDF is one of the important sites in split files, PDF, which is what will be needed in the second method, where we will enter on the site.
  • After that we will raise the file to split it from the device to the site directly.
  • After that you will be shown the options of the first split file PDF” Split by range” and the second option to extract all files from the document.

  • The first option you can integrate the qualities of the separate file with get rid of some of the pages to the original file and all the pages that you have selected only.
  • The second option is to Extract pages which is important and desired is the extraction of selected pages from the file to the level of the other.

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Important note

You can condone the above and only select the pages to be extracted and then click on Split PDF to processing and following them you can download file PDF page of your chosen just.

The Third Way is through the use of third-party software

The best program will be used in this way is A-PDF Split, this way for those who don’t want to solve the problem via the browser, this type of programs don’t require the use of the internet but is only designed to perform that function, the program A-PDF Split dedicated only to the pages of P. D. F thus chosen may be the best solution.

  • Install the program then run on your device and then click on Browse

  • After that select the PDF document below to determine the Select split method is the valuation method required for the file.
  • Then chose what you want to do a chapter a certain number of pages of the file or do the presenting as multiple.
  • In case there have been references included can be divided in the same way, too.
  • You can click on the Advanced Defineللقيام submit pages 2 to 8 or from 1 to 7, and so on.

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