How to remotely control the smartphone through PC and other smartphone

The capability to output images from a smartphone to a TV screen or computer long been included in daily life and is perceived by most users for granted. But it is quite another — remotely control your smartphone with a computer or another smartphone. Thanks to AirMirror was possible and it.

Using AirMirror, the user can not only display the image from the screen of Android-smartphone to a computer or another smartphone (including iPhone), but to control it.

— To begin, download to your mobile app Properly. It is available on Google Play for free.

— Now you must install the client application on the computer. This can be done in two ways: to load the desktop version from the website or install a browser extension to Chrome.

— In order to establish an initial connection between mobile and desktop devices, you should enable the smartphone function USB debugging and connect it via cable to the PC.

— After the connection you can disconnect the smartphone from the computer and start a remote management interface. In this mode, you can even activate the camera of a smartphone to write SMS, accept calls and to install apps.

PS to drive one smartphone with another, similar manipulations are required. To pair the devices you need to scan the offered QR code. Version AirMirror iOS according to the developers, will appear in the near future.

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App: Properly: Remote control devices

Developer: SAND STUDIO
Category: Tools
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

Application already interested in: 54 human

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