How to remove a virus on Android

Despite a lot of positive aspects, from the Android operating system has a significant drawback, which Google has not managed to cope so far. And this disadvantage comes, surprisingly from the main advantages of OS — from her openness. This allows unscrupulous developers to produce viruses, calogera (programs that record everything you type on your smartphone), Trojans and other unwanted software. Of course, viruses on Android there is not as often but still from time to time it happens. So it would be nice to know how to delete a virus on Android.

Viruses on Android is a very serious problem

Immediately it is worth noting that once on your smartphone is situated the virus, the smartphone can start “acting strange”. There are some indirect signs that your smartphone has unwanted software. We have even dedicated a separate article. Can see him passing on this link in order to be aware of how to recognize a threat. In order not to miss such an article, we encourage you to subscribe to our Telegram channel. So you will always be updated on the most current events in the world of Android. Well, let’s figure out how to remove the virus with your smartphone.

How to remove virus from Android device

First, it is important to understand that if you have a virus, it is not necessary to remove it by anti-virus software. And since viruses often use Internet traffic to their schemes at the first signs of the emergence of the “contagion” of Internet access would be nice to block. And without this download antivirus you have, as you know, will not work. But that’s okay. The cleaning system should start with the browser cache, as often viruses are turning up there. Open Google Chrome, go to “Settings” and there select “Clear cache”.

Next you need to find the virus itself. Unlike Windows, viruses on Android are not “prescribed” somewhere in the system. They look like regular apps (and sometimes disguised fairly well-known like instant messengers). Only here the virus writers are not stupid and their viral applications are often hidden from your eyes. In order to see these apps, you’ll need to go into safe mode. We’ve compiled detailed instructions also how to do it, so we will not repeat all for a second time.

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Booting in safe mode, open the settings on your smartphone and select the menu “Applications & notifications”, then scroll through the list of installed programs and look for suspicious applications that you have installed. Tap the app to open a special page of information where there is additional information and a button “Delete”. Safely remove malware. Sometimes the item may not be available. But do not worry. This means that your account does not have administrator rights. You just need to re-enter your account that has these rights. After the virus removal all you have to do is reboot into normal mode smartphone.

And a couple of tips at the end. In order to avoid infection in the future, you will of course need to install antivirus. Also keep Android, as updates often include improvements in the security system. Do not install apps from outside Google Play, and if the program asks for too many permissions (e.g., the application “Flashlight” requires access to your photo gallery), feel free to remove those programs.

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