How to remove ads on Android. And even notifications

Today it is difficult to scare someone is from the Internet. If it suits you, you just continue to watch it, subconsciously bringing a lot of money to sites that show it, and if not – conclude a contract with his conscience and lock using the appropriate browser extensions. In the result, the only ads you will see will be native advertising, often wrapped so relaxed that the first time to suspect a trick even does not work. However, with the development of technology, all sorts of tricks began to think of advertisers who have learned to embed ads directly in the interface of our smartphones.

Advertising on Android climbs from all cracks? Is there a way to remove it

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Where is the notifications on Android

If you start to notice that advertisements began to appear there where it is, in General, is not a place — for example, in the notification Item — most likely, your smartphone is infected with malware. Some of them are so advanced that they are literally impossible to eradicate. This scheme is valid xHelper, preserving somewhere in the depths of memory the setup file, which allows it to automatically recover even after rolling back the device to factory settings.

How to remove ads on Android

To block ads, which began to appear directly in the interface of the smartphone, you will need a special blocker. But not Adblock or uOrigin, which are perfectly show itself in the browser, but almost useless when it comes to adware. Here you need something bigger like Internet Blocker App. This app, which forcibly restricts the ability of other applications to communicate with the Internet using a VPN connection. And since advertising Trojans work exclusively through the Internet, the Internet activation Blocker App simply will not allow the banners to appear in the system further.

How to remove popup ads on Android

  • Install Internet Blocker App on your smartphone;
  • Run it and give the needed privileges;

App Internet Blocker can block the work of adware. Take advantage of this

  • Look in the list of apps that you have not installed (for example, xHelper);
  • Disable these applications to access the Internet by including a lock transfer switch.

How to block ads on Android

Because the applications that demonstrate advertising usually are open, you can find them in the list offered Internet App Blocker, should be easy. After you block them, the ads should disappear. This is due to the fact that the application accesses a VPN service, which in turn blocks traffic. However, if not, highly recommend the advice of our other materials (1, 2, 3, 4). Really some of them are guaranteed to work.

Antivirus for remove ads

Download Internet App Blocker

Well, at least there is always the antivirus. Practice shows that the antivirus is quite good to cope with computation applications like adware or blocking them, or removing their memory completely. However, it is possible that you will have to pay the developers of antivirus for unlocking all the possibilities, which usually includes the removal of applications-distributors of advertising. The main thing – again not to run into the Trojan that will hide under the guise of antivirus.

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