How to remove duplicate photos from your smartphone

Currently, smartphones are not just a tool for communication. Many people use their gadgets as a camera (what with such fancy cameras is not surprising). However, in order to take the best look at our photos, we often make a couple (or all 10) of test images. And so our gallery of photos over time becomes clogged with unnecessary pictures and the memory is fading away. And today we will tell you how to get rid of the “fotomotor” using apps to remove duplicate photos.

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Google Files Go

Google Files Go powered by Google Photos. Moreover, Files Go has the access to your entire device, not just the gallery images. This means that it not only checks for duplicate photos, but also defines the folders that can also be cluttered with unnecessary images. For example, the media folder of WhatsApp and folder screenshots. Clean up disk space, you can either manually or use the function for automatic cleaning, which will do everything for you.

Download: Google Files Go

Gallery Doctor

Gallery Doctor — is a complete solution for cleaning photos and one of the best applications for photo management in principle. It will help you to remove duplicates, screenshots and low-quality (e.g., blurry) images. This is incredibly useful if your goal is not just to remove “duplicates”, but also to sort the good pictures from the bad. Moreover, in order to delete something permanently, you need to confirm the deletion. Initially, photos are placed in a temporary folder where they can easily return when suddenly the program was wrong when cleaning.

Download: Gallery Doctor

Clean Master

Clean Master, like any other program in this category is an application for managing storage, which allows you to free up space on your device Android. However, the main feature of the program (which is so lacking these days) is the lack of advertising in the free version. Another great feature of Clean Master is that it also prompts you to choose which image is the best of the similar photos and not “blows” without permission.

Download: Clean Master


Like Clean Master, NoxCleaner gives you the ability to delete unwanted images and to choose the best of the like before removal. The distinguishing feature is that NoxCleaner works not only with photos but with the entire memory of the smartphone as a whole, which, undoubtedly, will allow for a more deep cleaning. But the process will take much more time.

Download: NoxCleaner

Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

For the fifth time to describe the same features as its competitors, makes no sense. Therefore, concentrate on the Essentials. Remo Duplicate Photos Remover during the operation sorts all of the photographs on the duplicate and similar images, and knocks everything “in a heap”. Therefore, if you need to get rid of only one of these categories, Remo Duplicate Photos Remover is the perfect solution.

Download: Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

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